Amazon Prime Video versus Netflix versus Showmax

Amazon Prime is now in Kenya, a dollar cheaper than Netflix and Showmax for their standard packages at $6. Netflix is $8 for the basic package and while Showmax has a $3 package, you will want to consider the $8 package if you opt for it.

Now we have options galore and wise men (and women) will tell you that cheap does not necessarily equal better. Who uses either of these, and what do you think about the others? Anyone who uses more than one of them? I have to mention though that Showmax has one-upped both rivals by integrating Mpesa payments, which is a real solid for Kenyan consumer.

I have never used any streaming service. I guese I just like my pirated online movies and series better.


I used to be that person once, before I got a good internet connection at home, and I have streamed ever since.

Maybe I’ll try all three and see which one is best.

I used to do that too then I did the math and found that streaming would be cheaper for me. Never going back again. But I do it all on Kodi.


The beauty of Android TV is that i have access to all these apps including Kodi so pretty spoilt for choice…Netflix is well implemented,Amazon Prime Video is boring,havent tried showmax but Kodi does well…

With a fast internet connection, I do a lot of streaming plus live HD IPTV. I don’t remember when I last torrented, and I watch series’ before they go on torrents.

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When you get good Internet the case for downloading torrents gets beaten. You access good quality streaming and there’s no need to download files to your hard drive. I’ve not downloaded movies since I got good internet.


I use Netflix and am very satisfied never tried any other though

I took the liberty to try out showmax and i must say i am impressed by their apps esp android tv and subscribing is easier than i thought…the content lineup is quite good too.Netflix and Showmax really got their eyes on the ball,torrenting and downloading becomes quite a chore when one can just stream and be done with it besides i bet most of us rarely watch a movie or series episode more than twice


I have Kodi, but I haven’t been able to get any useful add-ons. Mind helping me out?

I use both Netflix and ShowMax and the latter is kicking major butt here! Never used Amazon Prime. I’ve watched some of their shows tho and I thought… meh!

One thing about ShowMax though… Their scrub bar doesn’t have “Prev” & “Next” buttons… very annoying having to wait out or forward through credits until the “Play Next Episode” pop up comes up. Just thought it was a weird thing to leave out.


Yes, I have had to forward through credits as well when watching series and at the start as well, dunno what cure would heal the second part. Right now what Showmax needs to deal with is optimization on browser. I’ve seen services providing a better experience, that I won’t name for reasons.

Hehehe. Yeah I know. It’s far from buttery on Chrome. Only slightly better on Safari. Their mobile app is better though. Still too many clicks to get around. UX for me is about 60%. UX on Netflix though, close to perfect.

get the exodus addon for kodi,it wont let u down

This doesn’t look like a bad idea

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according to me both are amazing but those who are unable to use netflix or amazon prime due to money or it is paid. Can use Terrarium app which is an amazing streaming app for android platform. you can try terrarium app

For a WHOIS protected domain, thank you very much, but not interested.

Personally I am was using netlflix for about 3 weeks now…I have noticed that most shows (anime) have disappeared from the site. This for me is enough to prevent me from commiting to the site.

Netflix is only good if you use VPN to open up full catalogue, otherwise even Showmax is better.

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