Amazon kicking ass! What about e-commerce in Kenya?

So on my techathlon today I saw this and I could not help but wonder about the Kenyan e-commerce sector. What do you think must happen before we see real growth in online retailing? Why are locally coined e-commerce websites not a huge success? I mean I would want to see something that rivals Jumia and Olx. Maybe a model like the one Shopify offers businesses so that we end up with legit vendors all in one place.

I think it’s good when Jumia, Kilimall and OLX succeed even as foreign owned. They succeed in this market. They have the budgets to convert. Now when local players start up there will be a success story for use when raising funds and onboarding customers. We are still a young online economy, let them clear the bushes first.

Well I hope we won’t be watchig them do this for too long. With the growth of internet usage in Kenya and increasingly affordable smartphones it is only predictable that online shopping is headed for exponential growth in coming years.

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Many local players who already have brick and mortar shops realize that opening another shop at a busy street tramps a similar investment selling online in Kenya. At least today. So that’s what they do. This is because people still thrive at seeing something and touching it when buying, they also want options. And many will walk into a shop when they see a sale and probably make an impulse purchase, these rarely happen on social unless an advertisement is pushed to you.