Amazon Drops Shipping Charges to Kenya? $22-$30

So apparently Amazon has dropped shipping charges to Kenya. Large items such as laptops now cost on average $30.00 to import.

Someone please explain to us what is meant by
Estimated Import Fees Deposit Tujue kama tutapandisha bidhaa KQ ama hapana.

Amazon terms indicate that

The Import Fees Deposit is an estimation of the taxes and duties that may apply and isn’t an actual calculation

You won’t be charged additional fees if the actual Import Fees exceed the Import Fees Deposit we estimated. For items sold by Amazon Marketplace sellers, please check the seller’s policies

So there’s a catch. How do you identify that an item is sold by marketplace sellers and not Amazon and vice-versa?

Been salivating at some astronomy binoculars at Amazon. Shipping is almost same price as the item. Shipping price has not changed.

Hope flight KQA002 will result in lower shipping fees.

Ooops! I’m not sure why that one shipping is so high. $53 for an item that costs $102. May be it’s not that much of a popular product so subsidizing it ni kazi ngumu.

Just check the shipping price of some of these random items


Note 9

For items that ship to Kenya from Amazon, should one ship directly via Amazon or use these third parties…

Use this website to calculate tax if you shipped directly from Amazon. Then compare it to third party dealers and make a decision.

Biashara ya third parties ni kama inaisha, juzi ‘Peer Cargo’ sent a message informing customers they are closing shop. ‘Something Random’ pia nowadays wanalenga texts za watu inquiring about particular products.

Below are the reasons Peer Cargo gave its Customers as to its shutdown

Termination of shipping
We regrettably announce the termination of our consolidated shipping service. Last year the government introduced a new law to combat the importation of counterfeit goods as well as prevent the importation of goods that are unsafe for consumers. The law requires imported goods to be inspected and have supporting documents e.g. ISO and safety certificates.

Most goods in our consolidated shipping service come from retailers, not from manufactures, that means that our clients would have to contact the manufactures to request the documentation for all goods that they are importing. The process is time consuming and in some cases impossible. In order to continue providing the shipping service, we resolved to increase the shipping fee then pay the penalty fee for shipping without conforming. After assessing past shipments, operations cannot be sustained, therefore prompting us to terminate consolidated shipping.

Consolidated shipping is shipping where we receive lots of packages from various retailers and then ship them together as one consignment. Consolidated shipping is what is getting terminated. The other shipping service that we offer that will NOT be terminated is business shipping, this is where we ship pallets from manufactures. When procuring from manufactures, all supported documents are availed.

The last consolidated shipping for both US and UK will be on the last week of January. Please do not purchase more items. Once the last dispatch is done, new deliveries will be rejected.

We would like to thank you for having walked with us in this journey, for the business that you gave us and for your continued loyalty in choosing us as your preferred shipper.


Hello guys we offer drop-shipping services to Kenya. Simply buy from our store here WBS KENYA We also have some of these products ready on marketplaces like Jumia masoko and Jamboshop.

Looking to get a Chromebook worth about 350USD from US. How much will it cost to ship?

Why not check with your Shipping Agent. . . Get quotes from several, then pick one…

Checkout some here

your site…
Waweru Brian…

Ile deal ya Posta na Amazon ilifika wapy ? Anyone with updates ?

Can’t find any info about the posta deal but I see another one floating around of amazon and Tuskys, any details on this?

Haven’t heard of that one yet what’s in the offing ? Link please

I think iko na kasoro. Laptops wameeka Duty yet it’s not applicable. The trick I usually use is go to Posta and speak to the KRA tax officers. Wanakupea hesabu applicable.

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yes it is. your thoughts?

Is there a specific officer you go to? My experience with those KRA guys hapo city square is not good. They always try and find a way to get paid under the table. Even when something is clearly not taxable.


Approach them when you don’t have an item to pick. Hapo they won’t be expecting you kutoa chai.

For as long as something imewafikia hapo juu lazima utachota. But it’s better than going the normal taxation way.

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You can now use Kenyan shilling on Amazon