Am I the only one who gets a green screen when viewing Techweez on opera mini?

So I’ve been using Opera Mini for a long time and noticed some time last year that whenever I tap a Techweez link on my Facebook feed, the page loads fine until it all turns green at some point and stops there. Anyone have a fix for this? Also, are the developers of Techweez aware of this? Currently using v21.0.2254.111920

Hi @Jakes, we acknowledge this and it has been mentioned by Opera mini users who use extreme data saving mode. It’s something we are working to solve, so yes. We know this.

you need to deactivate extreme data saving mode

Alright, thanks for the info.

So I have Opera mini installed on my phone specifically for this, and I checked on extreme data savings mode. The page does load, the green that shows is the conflict for lack of javascript, but if you scroll down the page does load, problem is that one wouldn’t know that the page has loaded below the green screen.

And this happens only on the post view, it does load on the homepage, fully. But of course with the javascript limitations of site design on Opera mini.

However, we are still working to get the best experience we can on Opera mini extreme data savings mode.

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@martingicheru For some unknown reason i can no longer log into Techweez Forums from operamini (my preferred browser of choice). For the longest time i’ve always been accessing the forum auto logged in. But as of this past Friday I was logged out for some unknown reason & i’ve been trying to log in ever since. (Currently using my phones internal browser to write this)


This is the error i get when i try to login

Looks like Google is being hostile to Opera mini, we haven’t done an update in more than a week, so I’m guessing it’s Google’s OAuth that has made changes. All the same, we’ll check and see if it’s something we can correct.

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I mean does anyone use opera mini in this day and age am running the full version opera and i have never looked back. Common we have phones that are capable, stop choking them with 19 century applications. No condescending tone was used in this comment

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I still have a Sumsang that needs one :joy::joy::joy::joy:

That phone belongs to the museum.


I have a friend who uses opera mini and got tabs arranged like over 50 so asked him why he uses opera yet he got a P9 the response was funny ‘i access everything at ago in one place’

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What does he mean by everything? I find Opera Mini very cluttered but to each their own.

I checked his browser he got Twitter tabs for every hash tag he got sportpesa news sites and football analysis tabs and he’s a pro in managing the tabs

I have Twitter and What’sApp in my phone and apart from that, I prefer to use the browser to access sites just like your buddy. I use the browser a lot as opposed to using apps.

This is my approach for Facebook very limited access on phone, and I do it on a secondary browser I don’t use regularly. That’s Samsung browser.

Actually some sites doesn’t please on opera mini for instance techweez its a straight put off for me i just dont love opera mini

Seems it’s fixed. Opera Mini extreme mode

Can you try the blog itself and share a screenshot?

Well, this is interesting! Even the main site loads properly on Opera mini extreme data saving mode. I talked to Opera and they seem to have obliged. Only updates we’ve made in a while is on the forum, that’s a bit more frequent than on site. We have some overdue updates that we need to push for the main site.