Alternative Tools to Communicate if Social Media is Blocked in Kenya, Share your Thoughts

I have been thinking about this for a while,what would happen if the Kenyan Government decides to block social media on election day,esp during results period.With a countrywide internet outage/blocking on social media very feasible and possible and massive investments by state security in IT infrastructure and services to monitor all kenyan cyberspace communications…what options do we,as ordinary citizens have,to ensure our smartphones are not rendered useless and disconnected to the outside world.So in light of all this,i share my ideas

The following apps are serverless and very decentralized,available for Android and iOS.

  1. Signal-Serverless and encrypted,available for iOS/Windows/Android,recommended by snowden and anyone wishing to avoid surveillance

  2. Bleep by Bitorrent,available for android/iOS/Windows,serverless and encrypted,works over the torrent protocol so if torrents are blocked,the app is useless

  3. Firechat- Available for android and iOS,is encrypted,and works over a wifi/bluetooth mesh plus internet…good for protests situations and situations where celltowers are not needed

  4. Serval Mesh-Available for Android/encrypted and works over wifi/bluetooth/ mesh…provides messaging and calls using conventional numbers over these meshes and do not need celltower service.

  5. Psiphon- Available for Android/iOS/Windows,powerful and simple VPN software that tunnels and encrypts traffic over internet,used to circumvent “great firewall” of China easily to provide open unfiltered access to internet services irregardless of ISP/IXP firewall restrictions.

My personal recommendations are Firechat and Serval Mesh as they enable android smartphones to become independent of celltowers and their mesh works over bluetooth/wifi signal range,Firechat can host forums and works like regular messaging as well as links with the internet at the point where a device in the node is on the internet.

Kindly share your ideas and thoughts on this,our lives may one day depend on this…

The irony here is that Kenyans actually enjoy Internet freedoms that are not present in our neighbouring countries.

Aside from that, Signal have implemented a cool new concept called Domain Fronting which in theory should resist everything short of a full Internet shutdown.

we got lots of internet freedoms locally sometimes i wonder how much longer this is going to last…we do take all this for granted aki…we got unprecidented unfiltered access to the world wide web