I have struggled to get mysafaricom apps to not see root for so long, and I am tired of flashing different versions of magisk. I have decided to remove and replace any app that forces me to remove root from my phone. I can’t loose AFWall+, adaway, viper4android,

What thirdparty apps do you fellas recommend for Bill Management? Most of my bills are cleared via mpesa paybill. The sim app method is too cumbersome. I just want a simple manager app even if it simply stores the account and business numbers and allows copying them to the sim app back and forth…

Also open to replacing the eazzyapp if anyone has a suggestion

Nunua a backup cheap smartphone for all banking apps :grin:

Am using magisk 20.4
Using magisk hide for all Google services +my safaricom app and also changed the package name
Root has never been detected eve when i update the apps

I also have 20.4. Both the manager and module updated. Name of the magisk app naiita “good app”. Still safety net fails, and the old and new mysafaricom apps can see through my bullshit…

Could the fact that my custom ROM (evolution x, poco f1) is no longer updated be causing this?

If naeza pata battery mpya, Nafikiria kuchukua iphone SE old version. Niingie the land of zero admin rights mara moja


TumaPesa is the app I was looking for. Does exactly what I described. Saves all my bills and their business numbers and cleanly interfaces with the sim app… No need to unroot