AliExpress Shipping...Posta vs Speedaf

I’ve been shipping stuff from AliExpress for a few years now (mostly small electronic stuff) and they’ve always been shipped via Posta as the local handling agent. But around October 2021, I got a call from Speedaf that they have my parcel from AliExpress. I told them that I usually just get my parcels from Posta but they informed me that they were the new agents for Aliexpress locally ans they’ll be handling all AliExpress parcels coming into Kenya. They asked for my physical address and sent a rider with my parcel. All this at no extra cost. This was way more efficient than any service Posta ever gave me. I’m usually charged Kshs. 100 after waiting for long time for them to notify me that the parcel is ready for collection.
Now this made me order a bunch of stuff in December since I liked this new service by Speedaf. I didn’t trust them at first but they seemed way more efficient. But that turned out to be shortlived as they’ve since been shut down apparently and now all my parcels are stuck at Customs. Tracking message reads "Customs Clearance started"for a month now. Calls to Speedaf don’t go through and Posta has no idea whats going on. Anyone with a similar expedience

Noted this too, Speedaf has been handling, calling and delivering stuff to me seamlessly this past month then stopped all of a sudden. Now I have four items in my alixpress app that just went cold, no notification no updates no nothing

Same to me items were ordered early December still in transit

If I may ask, since your item was already addressed to GPO (MPost address), did these guys get authorization from you or Posta to take your item from customs? It seems very shady to be honest. To me it feels like what they were doing was illegal, unless you had an account with them. I received an item on Dec from AliExpress and I didn’t receive any customs calls, it went straight to MPost.

I never authorized them but it seemed they signed a contract with AliExpress

Problem is they are referencing this thread…which still has several unanswered questions.

Yeah, the thread is the sole source of information for the article… Had expected more…

Any news about our stuck packages? I suspect someone at Posta wasn’t happy about the AliExpress/Speedaf merger. Now us guyz are suffering

I may have spoken too soon, Posta are back in business. Just received this text today from them.


You mentioned you were expecting 4 parcels…,
did you inquire about the other items and the ongoing stalemate??

According to Posta its KRA that shut down Speedaf operations as they weren’t legit in the country. Of late Posta has been having numerous complaints from people about their delayed packages to which Posta responds by saying the packages are probably in Speedaf warehouses and calls to Speedafs offices are going unanswered.


So Posta gave an illegitimate entity people’s parcels without their consent?!

Speedaf was in partnership with alixpress, not posta

Sounds like the inefficient Posta didn’t like competition and asked KRA to shut Speedaf.


but @galacticviper had his parcel addressed through Posta and not Speedaf; it will only be fair if more light can be shed concerning the transfer, authorisation and the status quo.

From my understanding:

Ali Express Shipping partnered with speedaf, meaning that packages sent with “Ali Express Standard or Ali Express Premium shipping” will be sent to speedaf for last mile delivery

But other delivery methods will default to Posta.

But now Speedaf has packages being held at customs, cause of KRA issues. (allegedly)
One of my packages is stuck with this as the message “Customs clearance in progress” for the past two weeks.


I have a parcel that got to the country on 2nd January 2022, apparently still at sorting centre.

still waiting for packages that arrived in December and January

I think they would soon appoint a new handling agent to take care of this delivery issue.