Aliexpress experience

Who has experience in importing headphones using aliexpress? How much tax did you pay?

I’ve not imported headphones but i have lots of other stuff. Assuming that you in Nairobi, you’ll head to City Square to pay duty.

PS. Check your inbox/PM, i’ve sent you other details regarding duty.

Maze City Square has too much bureaucracy. To just pick your item you have to access at least 6 counters:
1: Write your tracking # and provide it to counter 1 to confirm it’s there
2: Move to counter 2 on the other end of the hall to ask for your package
3: Move to counter 3 to get your tax invoice
4: Move to counter 4/KRA to pay tax
5: Move back to counter 3 to present your tax receipt
6: Move to counter 5 get your Posta invoice
7: Move to counter 6 to pay your Posta charges through Mpesa
8: Move back to counter 3 to confirm you’ve paid everything
9: Move to counter 2 to pick your package

This information is up-to-date until like 3 weeks ago. I doubt anything has changed. However, items worth less than 3K total are sent to your Mpost, where you pay 100 bob to pick them. Not all items are picked by GPO though :smirk:

Ata kama ni finding more jobs for Kenyans, this kind of nonsense harms economy more than it helps it. WTF??!!


After experiencing this nonsense twice I opted to just be shopping on Amazon for items costing more than 3k and let Kentex Cargo handle it. I only pay 1500/= when I go pickup the items and that’s it. I just make sure all the items I’m shipping are less than a KG.


Well, this is so convenient. Before, (2012 to around 2017) , you had to go pay the duty at NBK or CoopBank. Imagine getting out of City Square , looking for a bank, queue, pay, get receipt, walk back to City Square KRA counter. The queues would be insane( others paying duty , PAYE and the likes) with system downtimes. Given that i used the old system, the Mpesa option is a major improvement.

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:rofl: :rofl: It’s 2021, I’m certain they know they do not need 90% of the steps they have in the system. Just politics tu ndio watu waseme they have hired a million Kenyans in a year while in reality we end up with a negative value on economy

I bought vape devices from Aliexpress not quite sure about the duty, but the amount I paid through my card was around $50.

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