Alexa Now on Windows 10

A standalone Amazon Alexa app is now available on Windows 10’s store.

Of course when I saw the news, I had to try it out.

The problem about this new app is that it is only available to a select few markets, namely United States, United Kingdom and Germany. However, this is easy to sort out as you can change your location via regional settings on Windows.

Okay, I have one question for you, why would I want Alexa?

well,lets look at it hypothetically…to get the alexa assistant,one needs a supported device…most right now are amazon products…it makes sense for amazon to have the assistant available to millions of Windows 10 PC users who can then use Alexa on their PCs more like the way they would use it on an echo device.For Microsoft,its just an ecosystem play,having more assistants available on windows as a platform and on PCs enables them to onboard more developers and partners and give users more choice and more ways to use windows…Maybe its win win for both companies and consumers…Also this is a play meant to fight off the dominance of Google Assistant…

The question is: Why would Amazon bother to release Alexa to Windows?

They want people to be absorbed into the ecosystem. Simple.

with the Kenyan context, how does Alexa benefit me?