Airtel Unliminet's free Facebook doesn't include Instant Articles

I found out about this on Saturday when I subscribed to Unliminet after a whole year of flirting across the fence (because Safaricom LTE is just fast enough). Since I consume a lot of content from Facebook (yes, more than Twitter because Twitter doesn’t know me so well), I was shocked that the Instant Articles I’ve come to love (I hardly click on links that redirect me to another site outside of Facebook, even using the in-app browser) weren’t behaving the way I expected them to i.e pre-fetch content so that it is loaded up as soon as I click on the Instant Article link. Apparently, since Airtel is already giving you free access to Facebook, they strip away the Instant Articles. They load up in a browser window like other non-Instant articles and any data used up is your own and not on Airtel’s free account. While I understand why they are doing this, I find it to be quite an interesting approach.
So, yeah, there are caveats to these free things and I just learned of one of them.

Surely it would benefit Airtel if they were more generous with their service. Also I’d be interested to know how this fits with Facebook’s terms of service.

That’s certainly unfortunate, however even with this unliminet is still by far the best thing from any network. The only thing it’s missing is 4G. Once they get that there’s nothing left to improve, except of course network coverage

i don’t get you I mean Airtel allows you to browse even after depleting your data so i don’t think the raised issue is a big concern, talk of speed as an issue I’ll concur, but what i know is unliminet is the best data plan in Kenya so far.

Treat this as an FYI, nothing much.
I’ve only ever had one issue with Unliminet when I enrolled last year. That issue actually has to do with Airtel itself more than Unliminet as a product: my home is not Nairobi and as such I still need my good net even when I am out of this city. In Mombasa, where I was using Unliminet at that time, network coverage was spotty in an area (Tudor) where Safaricom was then trialing its LTE network. I just switched and never looked back. Then Safaricom adjusted their data bundles and I was hooked. Unliminet is a very good product. Now if only Airtel rolled out LTE soon just to kill us with the kindness.

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Just noticed that even Twitter moments also act the same. Aren’t Twitter moments just ordinary tweets organized around a proper story?

Safaricom 4G is quite good but too expensive…Unliminet is quite okay,Free facebook basics is a no-brainer for when one doesnt have bundles…but the real deal is YU’s monthly data plan…3GB of data for ksh500 bob,its fast(On 3G) and very reliable

I always wonder how different network quality (voice and data) is between Airtel and it’s MVNO dependents YU and Equitel.

In my Experience,the quality of the data traffic on the YU MVNO is quite good,especially over 3G…the voice quality is also good…i dont know about Equitel.

What 3gb for 500bob am going for yu but first hope it’s not like some I know of which gets depleted in 3days even with Limited use