Airtel lacks a data manager

Am i the only one who is frustrated by Airtel’s lack of a data manager. It’s frustrating for Airtel to consume my airtime when I don’t intend to browse. I believe this is a key feature for any prepaid service. Sometimes I load airtime only to have it consumed seconds later.

It’s like having a car with:

Forward collision warning.
Automatic emergency braking.
Adaptive cruise control.
Blind-spot monitoring.
Lane-departure warning and lane-keeping assist.
Rear cross-traffic alert.

all safety mechanisms that protect you when you fail to react in time on the road.

Then switch to a different car without these features and complain how these are non-existent.

I’m sorry, just turn off mobile data if you don’t have bundles because it will take them a long time to copy Safaricom.

All major mobile ISPs (Safaricom and Telkom …don’t know about faiba4g) have such a feature whereby your device cannot use even a drop of your airtime if you don’t have an active bundle that’s not exhausted…Though I admit you have to dig for them in the STKs …

Don’t know why Airtel is lagging behind. Maybe not enough customers have cried foul.

In this economy who uses credit for internet!?

Sometimes we forget. It’s human to do so.


Airtel’s network is so slow it basically manages itself :grinning:


I guess you’ve not tried their 4G network.

No, I don’t live in Nairobi.

When electricity was discovered and being put to its many uses, they never invented the off switch for almost 30 years(the reasoning was if you’re not using the machine you plug it off!)…that’s how backwards airtel is with regards to consumer innovation lol. One can only hope they don’t get used in a case study in the next 30 years as a classic example of #corpofraud

Anyway, I’ve complained to them enough times to get the #clueless twitter replies which would only mean that this is their business model. When you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains regardless how improbable must be the truth :slight_smile:

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I’ve been using it since before they officially launched, started out consistently fast but these days the only consistency there is is that it’s extremely slow during rush hour times. All other times it ranges between 1-12mbps