Airtel and Telkom losing customers. Safaricom and Equitel on the rise

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Airtel has lost:

  • 5 million Airtel Money subscribers in 3 months. (Dec '16 to Mar '17)
  • 500,000 customers on its voice and data network during the quarter.

Their market share is 16.3 percent from 17.6 percent posted during the preceding quarter.

Telkom Kenya saw a slight drop in customers (2.8 million from 2.89 million). Their market share dropped to 7.2 percent from 7.4 percent

Safaricom and Equitel were the main beneficiaries.

Safaricom’s market share has grown from 65.2 percent in Mar '16 to 71.9 percent.

Equitel’s market share grew to 4.4 percent in March, from 3.8 percent in December.

Hard work pays. Safaricom is doing a lot on the data front while Equitel is doing a lot on the money front. Well, Airtel is still sleeping and their recent Zuku tendencies of changing product pricing and product offers rampantly has greatly affected them. Everyone was complaining on Buyer Beware but they would not listen. Well, Telkom the sleeping giant is trying to catch up now.

They didn’t lose customers. CA went hard on their reporting such that they revised what counted as active users. I think it’s good for Telkom when they come from real absolute numbers. They can work their way up.


Don’t forget a lot of users have two or more lines.

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Usual practice is to count ‘Monthly Active Users’ average them and report those.

This could be attributed to KCSE graduates who are now college ready and can register their own lines opting for SafCon. As cheap as Airtel may be, the 3G is TERRIBLY slow in most parts (can’t do Insta Stories, SnapChat or even without terrible LAG) & what @deewinc said still remains true - unlimited texts/calls won’t connect people to the internet.

Airtel BADLY needs 4G

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