Airtel 4G Coming Soon? Why? Telkom's Rush to Rebrand Despite not Being Ready

Guys I think Airtel is about to launch 4G and you might wonder why. Since all of us (hell yeah all of us :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:) are technocrats you might remember when Airtel was was about to lauch BlackBerry services long time ago (Michael Joseph was still CEO at Safaricom​:astonished::astonished::astonished:) but Safaricom were forced to launch first even though they were not through with testing and setting up everything just to make sure that they beat Airtel in grabbing those new elite customers (BlackBerry used to be the creme dela creme).

So why I’m I relating Telkom’s story with that one of Safaricom. Well, Telkom has rebranded and lauched 4G but the signal is so poor. They are giving us free 4GB, which are not reflecting on bundle balance.

Well check out their tweet feed. Complaints of not being able to register a new simcard or do a simwap to 4G sim.

Been told to do a simwap to the new simcard, perhaps I could get the 4G signal at home and get to use the bundles and guess what? Been there at BuruBuru and I have been told that the systems are still under upgrading, I should check back next week on monday :neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face:

The CEO mentioned new data products coming soon. Well they seem to have face painted the existing products so we have to wait for new products. Why? May be waiting to see what Airtel might do when they launch 4G? :thinking::thinking::thinking:

So why the rush then when everything is not ready yet? I smell Airtel 4G around the corner and someone had to rush and rebrand even when they were not ready :sweat::sweat::sweat:

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No for this one I will try to understand them. They had promised to rebrand in April and these are some of the decisions that companies are faced with, whether to do the rebrand alone or include other things. Whether the rebrand alone will look exciting on its own or whether they need to add exciting extras.

Right now they are keen on the brand changes and what they represent if you ask me. 4G is something they would have wished to talk like next month.

Related: Safaricom had been testing 4G+ ever since last year, I visited their lab in November and there were trials out there for some to access. But they just launched recently. Airtel is a bit behind with their 4G launch, but they are probably going to launch in the second half.


ooh I did the sim swap, put it in my tablet and guess what I have no network now, even 2G is gone, customer care is not working, I’ll go to do a swap back to my old 3G

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the Problem with 4G+ is the target market,i think 4G is kinda enough for most users unless one is a heavy user on the go…the only customers that care about speeds are ones who do lots of streaming and heavy downloads,no one needs 4G+ for most applications…4G+ can also be a good products for journalists,social travellers and SME’s

Visited Telkom shop Kisumu the Telkom 4G isnt vry ready according to them yet the simcards too arent available disappointed i over-expected

That’s true. I have only experienced 4G+ around waiyaki way but back at home in Eastlands, hakuna 4G+ but speeds are increadible still. 40+mbps si mchezo. On 4G+ goes way beyond 80+mbps.

The same problem in my hood Kariobangi South. No 4G signal. They made swap my simcard twice even after telling them the signal can be picked up but far away from home in a neighbouring estate and still the signal is weak. They escalated the issue but I know nothing will be done. From the way I know Telkom from the day of Telkom before orange, they only cater for their customers in leafy areas. Muthaiga, Karen, name them. Any other area they will not do a thing. At least for now.

From this forest of masts, none is 4G enabled. Using open signal app showed the 4G mast I was able to ping to is located way beyond JKIA (may be it’s in Athi River not sure though) and another one showed up around Kiambu on the direction of Thika town. I could not ping any mast towards CBD.

On the contrary, Safaricom 4G masts one is 50 meters away from me. And there are 10 others around where I live. Anyway, heard Telkom CEO saying they have around 1,600 masts countrywide? The number has not increased since 3 years ago when I left for good. Also, Safaricom has neary 2,500 4G masts countrywide. In total they have nearly 4,000 masts.

When 4G signal showed up

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Telkom were ill-prepared for this launch and I think they did it to beat Airtel to the punch. This 4G4Free offer is proof of it - they want as many people using the network as possible for testing and optimization purposes. That’s why it’s so hit and miss. I’m sure they’ll step their game up before Airtel launches. I believe Airtel has tested their 4G more than them.

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That is true. Once Airtel launches 4G, I will consider the Postpaid option. At present, their internet is painfully slow. I guess due to the call offers that are congesting the network.

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Airtel need more compelling offerings if anything telkom has unleashed today holds…Even safaricom need to keep an eye out coz man,telkom just adjusted their FUP to 1Mbps,i think thats a game changer in a way…


Whaaaat? Are you serious?

I can see it applies to the 4,000bob per month package and not the 3,000bob one we used to.

Telkom terms and conditions, yes I read these.

11- All data traffic on the unlimited plan that directs toward specific Peer-to-Peer sites or uses torrent applications may be throttled to 256 kbps upload and 256 kbps download.

13 All home plan bundles may only be used for private and personal use and cannot be used for commercial purposes. These offers are only applicable for person-to-person usage and the SIM shall not be used for purposes of least cost routing, server hosting, Internet cafés, Wi-Fi hotspots, international bypasses, payphones or call centres. Failure to adhere to these conditions shall be a breach of these product terms and conditions and Telkom shall have the right to immediately suspend the services.

14 A subscriber may not provide network services from their account (for example, you may not use your account to operate as an FTP server).

Deal breaker for me. You can’t sell something to me and tell me how to use it. The world accesses data from home while on the move.

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So this means it won’t support IPTV services then?

I was also (pleasantly) surprised at that FUP increase. When i bought the package i thought it was 256kbps.

True, and they also need to up their coverage. Went visiting a pal somewhere deep in Ruiru and my phone is struggling to get an Airtel 2G signal, keeps going to emergency mode. Telkom and Safaricom 3G on the other hand give full bars, as well as Safaricom 4G, ata nimeeka Airtel kwa kabambe sasa :unamused:

Unfortunately, it is not easy to get the best signal everywhere for all the service providers. I have a friend that lives in a place where Safaricom signal is hardly available but surprisingly, Telkom and Airtel signals are there.

The first thing that I usually check when I move to a new place is the signal of the network I depend on the most. Agent wa nyumba hushangaa hii ni ukora gani, you move around the house checking for signal ya net doing speed tests had kwa jikoni na choo.

Once did that in Mombasa in 2010 and the landlord was so annoyed at me. Luckily, YU mobile and Safaricom signal was great in the place that I ended up renting the house.

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Guess you are right, coz despite getting a strong Telkom 3G signal there’s no Telkom 4G signal, but I’m getting an Airtel 4G signal

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@iamtembo Airtel 4G signal? Where??

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Tried to look for it everywhere in our hood and I couldn’t pick anything. Iko wapi hii Airtel 4G

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I have seen the Airtel 4G signal near Lenana and and along most of Ngong road up to Ngong because it’s my commute route. I’m sure it’s in a lot more places. Right now you can only see it by manually searching for networks (the phone must be set to detect 4G networks so in the network settings put it on 4G preferred.) The network is there but you can’t use it since it’s not officially launched and they’re not yet giving out 4G SIM card’s. I think it’s only a matter of weeks.

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