Africa social network, Nationest gives everyone a voice to tell a story

Hello Everyone, My name is Mabor Makuach, Creator of Nationest, we need your feedback about our platform will really appreciate your opinions.>>>

What is Nationest all about?
With the Slogan ‘The Voice of Modern Africa’ nationest is an online micro blogging platform founded by Mabor Makuach a young South Sudanese Software Engineer. This initiative holds the mission to give everyone the power to freely share and access information online.
Nationest connects you with others Africans around the world. A new place on the Internet where African people share ideas and stories. Few people have access or control of what is happening in Africa, while millions are kept in darkness. Nationest gives everyone a voice to express his or her opinions and findings in their daily lives.
Nationest is here to help connecting African people around the world without any restrictions

Nationest is not just a social media platform where users can do postings of the events and daily updates. Nationest allows the pure pleasure for the amateur or pure experienced bloggers to create and share a blog with millions of other Africans.
As a nationest user, you enjoy the benefits of a social media in real time while having the power to create blog posts as social media posts.

Like other social media platforms Nationest have all of the great features of a social media platforms, below are some of the Features for which nationest have:
• Newsfeed
• Invite Friends
• Private Messaging
• Accept/Reject Initiation
• Friend List
• Social Media Posts as Blogs
• Follow Friends
• Profile Management
• Like/Comments on posts

Why Nationest is needed?
The current social media platforms that are used around the world such as Facebook twitter etc. are missing one common thing, which is the ability to blog.
Nationest as an online platform offers our users to publish their great content while enjoying social media platform. Nationest will be the place where normal users will read and post quality content. Users can learn how to be bloggers and enjoy being on top of the most talked about news.
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some of screenshot of nationest platform