Affiliate Marketing In Kenya

Hey guys ,

I’m a blogger from Nigeria and i will like to know the current state of Affiliate Marketing in Kenya.

Is it worth it? Do Kenyans shop online? what are they likely to buy? And what are the best online affiliate programs in Kenya?

Please I will appreciate your response. Thanks.


Welcome to Techweez forums. Affiliate marketing is quite new in Kenya by Kenyan online merchants and outside of Jumia there really isn’t much to talk about. There are bloggers who seem to gain from it and some time last year Jumia was talking of signing cheques of upto $1000 a month in Kshs equivalent. But that’s them saying, we cant confirm. I am yet to see big blogs engage in affiliate marketing. We don’t.

I think affiliate will be big on the sports betting sites once they start opening up APIs

Yes that’s a bit more practical, since betting is something people actively participate in on the regular. Repeatedly.

We have affiliate Marketing Programmes for Jumia and Kilimall. Some bloggers are affiliates and Jumia has even worked with them to push certain products but it’s not something so mainstream.

I would say it’s still at infancy.