Advice Needed When Buying Refrigerators

I am quite new to cooling technologies and I have been pondering on the best refrigerators available locally trying to strike a balance between price and features like energy rating/consumption, cooling methods-here I know nothing would appreciate to be educated on the best cooling methods and the different types. Let’s just talk refrigerators let’s ignore the prices for the start let’s get to learn the basics from knowledgeable forum members then pricing after the basics. I’d also love to be redirected if there’s a topic on this in the forum let’s get learning coz I wanna shop refrigerators

I made a mistake of purchasing 320L Bosch like a year ago. I was naïve, but I took one for the team so that you don’t have to.

First things first, don’t look at power draw that a refrigerator pulls from the wall when in daily operation, focus on ERC rating that is calculated on yearly basis.

ERC rating gives you an idea of how many tokens your fridge will consume in a year. Mine is rated at around 450 units. I had an option of picking a Samsung rated at 340 units, but Bosch’s 100 Watts vs Sammy’s 110 dissuaded my silly me. How smart I thought I was…ever since I got this thing I have never paid less than 15bob per token to KPLC, I was immediately kicked out of 10 bob plan.

Don’t be like me, of all the refrigerators I have researched in Kenya, only Samsung has best power efficiency. Things might have changed since then, so go and compare ERC Ratings, the lower the star points, the more power you will pay for it.

Second, almost everyone knows this but get one with No Frost (also known as Frost Free) feature to prevent your freezer from clogging up with ice.

Third, get one with an automatic deodorizer to avoid odours in fridge. This feature has many names depending on brand. On Bosch it’s called AirFresh.

Fourth, if you plan to freeze a lot of stuff, make sure you get one with large freezer compartment. Freezers, especially in my case, fill up pretty quickly despite that we are only two using a 320 litre fridge.

Fifth, see number one. I cannot emphasize enough how important power efficiency is for something that will be turned on until the day it breaks.

I would have recommended my Bosch but its power inefficiency is high. Avoid them for power, unless they have brought newer models in Kenya.


I would suggest you get a chest freezer …yes it will occupy more space horizontally and be more costly but you can balance it out by getting a smaller refrigerator. “Normal” or “reasonably” sized fridges have gotten eye watering price tags for the past 4-5 yrs …

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1-Power rating LG is the best here due to their inverter technology, a 210kw/y LG is equivalent to 350+ Samsung.
2-No frost - costs a bit more but worth it, just go for a manual defrost the auto ones tend to be finicky.
3- Noise you have to dig in to your pocket but you don’t want a fridge that wakes up kids when it kicks in try LG, whirlpool they are the quietest.
4-get one with a bottom freezer fridge or separate chest freezer
5-size - bigger is better its a lifetime buy get a good size.
6-fridge guard- get a good one we are kenya power customers.
7-if budget is an issue get the brands that people look down upon, von, ramtons mika etc you get more fridge for your money

How did you come up with this number? While shopping around I didn’t find any LG that was rated this low relative to similarly-sized Samsung. I’m not advocating for either, but in my objective opinion the latter had better energy efficiency. However, it is critical for anyone shopping around to compare kWh numbers by themselves. But if energy efficiency is of little concern, then brand loyalty could be considered.

Honestly I have never encountered any issue with auto-defrost. Maybe it depends with brands. The ability of the freezer to hit -30 degrees Celsius without any ice forming is god-sent

Not ideal with kids. Just let them have access to their yoghurt without struggle. Otherwise you will find them eating ice cubes.


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So true. Is there any brand that can beat LG’s low power consumption?

In addition to all the excellent points above…

  1. Get one with the largest freezer compartment you can afford at your budget. Freezer space always runs out quickly relative to the ‘normal’ fridge compartment.

  2. An ice maker is always nice and convenient rather than just an ice cube tray that you have to bang-bang to get ice out of and you can make a large batch ahead of time for events and such.

  3. When it comes to the fridge guard, cheap is expensive. I’d recommend a genuine sollatek volt guard that will protect from both over and under-voltage.

  4. I highly suspect the claims made above about LG’s power efficiency were true in the past but not any longer. The epra power rating signage seems to be working and brands have been bringing in quite efficient fridges. Even bosch has some new models that are more efficient. For ease of comparison here [pdf] is the epra register of refrigerators with accompanying power efficiency figures.


That list is very helpful

This week I have gotten to know govt orgs do such and publish them …The issue of accredited/approved university programs came up this week on spice fm morning show and lo and behold this info is present …the list of accredited and undergoing accredit-ion programmes by university.

Can spin out a a topic on information (“online”) provided by govt ?..

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Lead this.

I don’t understand what you mean here :grin:. Care paraphrasing?

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Sollatek fridge guards are superb.I have one that has been in use for almost 12 years now. I also have Sollatek AVS for a submersible water pump upcountry and no challenges for almost 5 years now .

I bought an LG fridge 2 years ago from housewifes paradise, my second biggest purchase for the house after seats, and they recommended I use TECNO volt guard. Didn’t know why they would do that, they sounded convinced it’s good, but I haven’t had anything worrying since then.