Advice for buying a Quality Printer (print, scan, copy)

Hey, guys, I’m looking for a good Quality printer for a small stationery shop with print, scan, copy and passport print functionalities I’m also in the look for a binding and a lamination machine kindly suggest where i can get the best and quality deals around Nairobi Any suggestions are welcome and will be highly appreciated.

Right off my head I’m thinking OLX, but then again you will have to first know the exact model you want. I hope these people here help you out.

Thanks, Watu hapa wamekataa kusaidia Lemmie turn to uncle google

There is many stores, especially on Kenyatta Avenue and Revlon Plaza that can get you Epson printers. They are quite cost efficient and do the work.

Thanks Martin, I will definitely check them out, seems not so many members here have had experiences with printers I was looking for a recommendation from those that have had prior hands-on experiences with these printers before I make a purchase decision .

We use an L220 and it serves us quite well for a small office (15 people).

Talk to Kevin - 0728394362, Intex Computer Shop.

which model is that epson ama ?

Yes, Epson.

ooh thanks will check it out as well thanks for the info provided

I think the L220 was discontinued. The new equivalent is Epson L382. Got one from textbook center for 18,700.

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