AD Blockers on Kenyan Tech Sites

Just a friendly reminder, remember to disable your ad-blocker when using any Kenyan tech site. In order to make sure you don’t forget, do it in all websites you visit today. It is for our own good.

As a matter of principle online ads are terrible. Putting aside the security and privacy risks, they ruin UX and increase bandwidth usage.

For our own good uBlock Origin is the best adblocker on the market. It’s fast, easy on resources and supported by all the major browsers.

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I think you might have misunderstood my point. As much as it is good to block ads, some Kenyan websites depend on the ad money to maintain the site. It is good to support them or else when will have nowhere to get out tech news from.

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Sweet, sweet irony.

You have a valid point but your justification is ridiculous.

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I stopped using ad blockers because I thought of the same. Some sites are very aggressive when it comes to using ads though. Check on desktop. Try use a VPN and change your IP to U.S. Try to access the site again. You’ll be amused at the tons of ads that site displays.

I used to have issues with Damn, that site can surely abuse your user experience. You open an article and you are met with two video ads, one pop up ad, background ads, floating ads, and Google ads. Hata kama ni pesa, user experience is important. Damn.

Ads zingine ziko juu nimepita na zingine ziko chini pia. Halafu sielewi two video ads displaying the same content.

Ghafla is something else. There was a time Nairobi wire was using a CPU crypto miner. I only visit 3 Kenyan sites: android kenya, techish and techweez.

Talking of Kenyan Tech sites, i stumbled upon TechTrends.

I bought genuine Microsoft Office 2016 for about 2900/= . Didn’t feel like pirating when such a deal presented itself.

I’ve never heard of this one.

Who here has tried the 12.6 USD license ???

And yet you insist on supporting a broken business model :roll_eyes:

Plagiarised article that links to a dodgy online retailer. Come on guys we are better than this.

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I downloaded windows 10 pro from Microsoft this year and it’s activated. 4 months now with all the updates.

I trust Kinguin, bought these…

  • Microsoft Office 2016 Home and Student Retail $21
  • and Windows 10 Home for $28

Activated both by phone on a Telkom number.

Techish mainly reviews Kenyan phones (infinix, itel and tecno) with a Kenyan perspective.

Ghafla is not a Kenyan tech site, it’s a Kenyan gossip site. I was talking of supporting Kenyan tech sites.

And I responded by stating that online ads are generally a bad idea. I have no objection to supporting content developers however I will not punish myself by enabling ads.

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@deewinc is it this?

Thanks for the tag. Yes this one.