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Guys, can someone please clear something up for me. I want to buy the Xiaomi Redmi Note 9S and it’s listed at $209 on Amazon. If I order it and pay via PayPal, once my item is delivered, will there be tax to pay and if so, kindly give estimates.
The same device is listed on Jumia for about Ksh 19,000, with the shipped from abroad sticker. I once ordered a 256GB WD SSD from Jumia about a year and three months ago, for Ksh. 10, 000 more or less. I remember paying via M-pesa and after more than 30 days, I finally picked up the package at their office in Eldoret town where I was at school. No taxing or extra charges whatsoever. What I payed for the SSD in app and that was all. Has anything changed, are there extra charges at the moment?

Don’t ship from Amazon if you won’t use kina Kentex Cargo and others. If you ship it by yourself, expect to pay 40-50% tax of total cost of the device (including shipping). Use Jumia because the company will pay corporate tax and not single item tax. Otherwise, tumia kina Kentex Cargo, but expect to pay shipping and weight charges. If the device is no different from the one at Jumia, don’t waste money on Amazon.

I have shipped over 100 small parcels this year. You won’t pay anything extra (taxes) if it’s a small packet. You get a text from Posta and pick your item at GPO at a small fee of ksh.100 for any parcel. I’m not sure it’s the safest way to ship something like a phone or anything else very valuable. If you have to ship something that has high value go for shipping agents.

Anything above 2000 is 42% taxable, but if it’s below youl just pay 100

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Hi Frank. If you’d like to shop from Amazon, AliExpress or any store in the US or UK, we recommend our parcel forwarding service: Zigofly. It’s much easier and cheaper. To ship that particular phone will be $10 only all incl. shipping and clearance if you ship via USA and £15 only via UK. Though it takes about 3-4 weeks for US and 1-2 weeks for UK. We have some good articles and tips on our blog on how you can ship from AliExpress or Amazon. You can visit our website for more info. I hope that helps :slight_smile: ^Kim

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