Able Wireless Video Streaming to Launch this January in Kenya - Little bird

Able Wireless will launch this month in Kenya, finally. Why is this a big thing? Able Wireless is important here because it’s a Kenyan hardware/content startup that promised a revolutionary content solution, one that we have been missing for quite some time.

Able Wireless has had a major hurdle pre-production because of the time it took to get an operating licence, a whole year such that by the time they acquired it they were already burnt out financially due to operational costs without revenues. Now someone in the know, a third party informs us that the company is back at it and should be hitting the road this January with their product.

What do they have?
Able Wireless is an Android box with a custom UI for streaming video content. The way it works is you browse through the catalogue of content that’s refreshed quite regularly and when you select the video/series you want to watch, it pulls content in an initial phase of a few seconds and onwards there is no buffering as you watch your show.

It’s a subscription model product where you pay Kshs 500 a month to access your content. You will need to connect the box to an internet connection either via Wi-Fi or ethernet. The box has HDMI, USB 2.0 and composite cable slots for TV connection.

We will update when we have anything new, which we definitely will. Stay around.


[UPDATE] We will soon be seeing Able Wireless boxes in retail as word on the backstreet has it. I think this will be one exciting product when it hits the market. Soon as we are able to, we shall give you a proper hands on with the box. But for now, you can expect to budget your January salary to buy one.

any idea on price of the box?

Soon as I know I will update. That includes any general price guide.

This didn’t happen, long story. But owners talked about loads of sabotage from some forces including rivals.


A tiny Internet service provider has sued Comcast, alleging that the cable giant and its hired contractors cut the smaller company’s wires in order to take over its customer base.

Telecom Cable LLC had “229 satisfied customers” in Weston Lakes and Corrigan, Texas when Comcast and its contractors sabotaged its network, the lawsuit filed last week in Harris County District Court said.

Comcast had tried to buy Telecom Cable’s Weston Lakes operations in 2013 “but refused to pay what they were worth,” the complaint says. Starting in June 2015, Comcast and two contractors it hired “systematically destroyed Telecom’s business by cutting its lines and running off its customers,” the lawsuit says. Comcast destroyed or damaged the lines serving all Telecom Cable customers in Weston Lakes and never repaired them, the lawsuit claims.

Telecom Cable owner Anthony Luna estimated the value of his business at about $1.8 million, which he is seeking to recover. He is also seeking other damages from Comcast and its contractors, including exemplary damages that under state statute could “amount to a maximum of twice the amount of economic damages, plus up to $750,000 of non-economic damages,” the complaint says.

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Finally… Their 500/- for internet connecting upto 4 devices is too awesome. It’s been offline for a while I’m interested in hearing about what’s happening. This is a launch I’d love to attend…

That’s not happening

Well… This is sad

That was written a while ago. Speaking to them earlier this year - wanted to know when they’d reach my area - they said their primary aim is to stabilize before rolling out. They were doubling their income every few weeks and once they had internals sorted out, they would advertise more areas.

The frustrations represented in that article could be interference from other players - cartels maybe - who see them as a threat.

We shall see though…