Able Wireless is finally rolling out streaming service in Nairobi

Kenyan on-demand wireless streaming company Able Wireless is finally rolling out its product to the market. They are already rolling out in Ruaraka, Nairobi, an interesting approach since Able Wireless’ competitors have all started by rolling out in Nairobi’s upmarket residential areas where there are relatively reliable fiber services. The service was expected to start rolling out in January but faced some delays.

Here’s the Android streaming box that Able Wireless users will be using to access services:

Seems Able Wireless is back to the bad days.

As a community, we have endured plenty, from loss of power which left us nearly paralysed for two days to sabotage to the core and outer network, and through it all, we have stood together, endured and overcome. Tomorrow, we embark on an endeavour to right what many claim isn’t wrong, but in reality is beyond wrong. Our promise to you is your Right to claim, and as we struggle with our Contractual Dispute, remember that it is this very Right, your Right, that we are fighting for. Our competitors, and those behind our current dispute hope that our loss will lead to the demise of our network, this community network, owned 100% by us, the community, but we intend to fight to the very bitter end. The reality is simple, we live in a world where many advanced technologies lie far ahead, yet we stand behind, enveloped by doctrine generated by people who have no knowledge of our reality and will do anything to profiteer while masking inability behind cost, thus creating the real rift that determines our economic status.