A cheap LTE enabled smartphone

Hey all,

Am looking for a cheap(not more than Ksh 10,000) LTE enabled phone. It must support LTE on the 800(700 will be a bonus but not necessary),1800 and 2600 and 3G on the 900 and 2100. I want to use it as a hotspot. Apart from the Huawei Y550 and the Alcatel OneTouch Pop 2(4.5), which other phone has those specs at that price range? The Alcatel OneTouch Pop 2 was my first choice but its proving hard to find.

Any help will be appreciated.


So I found two more options: Samsung J1 Ace and the Tecno N5S. Is the Tecno powered by MediaTek(I don’t like MediaTek)?For the J1, does anyone have an idea which specific model Safaricom sells?. GsmArena shows a couple of models of the J1.

I would recommend J1 but first go to where it’s being sold and check your desired specifications. Whenever there’s an Eynos variant, that’s what you will get over here(Kenya).

MediaTek powered devices are good too since you only want to use it as a Wifi hotshot.
(I’ve never heard or seen anyone apart from you buying a phone just to use it as a WiFi hotspot :slight_smile:)

Thanks but i went with the Huawei Y550. I just don’t like MediaTek and Tecno devices and the J1 has less RAM. Plus i didn’t really know the frequencies(its not easy to get a proper specs sheet for tecno devices on the internet) supported on the TECNO and Safaricom customer care were clueless. The frequencies are important to me. For instance to get good 3G coverage in my area(from Safaricom and Airtel) the phone has to support UMTS900. Why a phone? Its unlocked and it supports all the technologies and frequencies i want. Plus i’ll be able to make calls from it if I need to. I’ll mainly use it with Airtel. It made so much sense to me to buy a phone than a 4G modem.

Note: The TECNO is a Qualcomm device. Still didn’t like it. I just don’t like TECNO phones.

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Someone should recommend cheap 4G modems are give us prices and locations where we can buy them please :smiley: