750 miles per hour? That is what the risk-taker, Elon Musk believes in

I was reading through the TechCrunch startup section and came across this fast locomotive of the future. It is called the Hyperloop. If you do not know Elon Musk, he is the guy behind Tesla and SpaceX. Actually, the project was started in 2013, yet it did not take off back then since Musk was involved in the SpaceX and Tesla. However, many engineers have joined the ‘movement’, I cannot call it a company or anything. For the people working on the project have just been promised stakes in the project meaning they are not paid. Each one is volunteering at least 10 hours a week. And what is interesting is that, even the likes of Intel are funding it.

I took a screenshot of the renders that have been released and as you can see, the thing is real. The official website is hyperlooptech.com/

My take is, if it happens to take off, then the future is here.