5.1, 7.1 or Dolby sorround Sound from your laptop

After purchasing a hometheater system, I was faced with some few disappointments. What I thought would now be a new experience in my movie viewership, was no different from my usual speaker system. I did my research and tests. Finally, I got a break through. Bought this little device from AliExpress for a few hundreds and I can now enjoy the hometheater experience.

Albeit that, my problem is not entirely solved. I realized that most 6 channel movies on the internet do not actually use the Dolby or DTS audio format. It’s a certain AAC format. This, forces me to convert all my movies to Dolby if I need the theatre experience. Could anyone have any idea for a better way to have 5.1 sound to your system?

I don’t know what your setup is really trying to do but for you to get native 5.1 audio, Dolby has to be the most convenient option. And for Dolby to work you need software and hardware that can decode Dolby. So my question would be is your laptop enabled for Dolby output? I definitely know that the home-theater does decode Dolby. For PC, when connecting to a hometheater, you will need the Dolby for Windows App that can send a 5.1/7.1 signal via HDMI to the hometheater. I don’t know of any other shortcut.

Actually, as I explained above, am able to get native Dolby Digital 5.1. Perhaps what I failed to state is that the laptop connects to the device via USB and is detected as a digital output. Then, to the hometheater, I connect via optical cable. I play movies with VLC which I have enabled DTS and Dolby passthrough. Well the majority of multitrack movies I get are have AAC audio format as opposed to Dolby .ac3 audio format. So my question is, can I, through anyway, be able to passthrough the .AAC audio format possibly decoded to Dolby without having to convert the movies to Dolby Digital. Hope am clear now.

Maybe try the DTS Unbound Sound app from Microsoft store and see if it supports that format.

Ok. Let me see what it will offer.

for me i think these are all shortcuts that dont give the true sound experience.You are better off using a DAC with a desktop to sort out good udio ,then use dolby atmos premium app

Btw this does give. Even the test is able to differentiate the 5 channels and the LFE channel.

I wanna know an affordable solution.

My hometheater doesn’t support Dolby Atmos just Dolby Digital

As far as I concerned, Dolby Atmos is an object based audio format and can only be activated when related content is played on compatible hardware. What you are seeking is a multichannel audio set up.

That is true. My home theater doesn’t support it.

Yes. A setup with discreet channels.

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i think my hometheater setup achieved proper 5.1 audio when i ensured all audio is routed over Optical Audio…Sometimes the 3.5mm jack does pack a punch,plus use of Plex media server and other media based apps have enabled the TV to output dolby digital audio from content that i have gotten with similar support.

Have you managed 5.1 on your laptop? As I said earlier, I actually have to convert the normal 6 channels movies to a Dolby format. It does achieve 5.1 with passthrough enabled on VLC. The process of converting is what gives me a cold chill. It’s long!

If your surround sound works, then all you have to do is to find content with surround sound. You can’t convert 2 channel stereo to surround sound, unless your player has the built in feature of pushing the stereo sound to all speakers like the way Denon receiver do. To get true surround sound, you’ll need sources that have surround sound. Netflix, Apple TV, Amazon Video etc… Are filled with content with Dolby Atmos, 5.1 etc… Make sure that you’ve installed the Dolby software, and that you’ve selected it as your default spatial sound processor.

There are these videos with 6 channels and AAC audio. Is there a way to have them play without converting? I will upload some screenshots of the said files. That will simplify the explanation.