4G Signal on the Redmi note 3 Pro

Anyone here who has this type of phone? Just found out that Telkom Kenya operate 4G under band 900. Who has the signal with this phone?Uploading…

Unfortunately my friend, your device does not support LTE on the 900, going by the listing on GSMArena. Also, it doesn’t support LTE on the 800. Telkom will likely use the 900 and the 800 for LTE so you might have to get a new phone if you want to enjoy LTE services on Telkom.
The good thing is that the 900 band is supported by a decent number of phones including low end ones like the Huawei y560/y550.

A device meant for someone in Africa should have support for the bands: 700(APT700),800,900,1800,2100,2300,2600 and 3500. Most will support an FDD scheme(you can have sub-divisions within a band for FDD and TDD schemes. For instance your Red Note 3 pro supports the 2600 on band 38(TDD) and band 7(FDD).). Those are the most important LTE bands in Africa.

In Kenya its absolutely important that your device supports the supports the 700,800,900 and 1800 if you want to switch providers.

How comes i get lte on safaricom?

This is very interesting considering that Orange had been one of the main retail channels for Xiaomi devices in Kenya. Did you buy yours in Kenya @fwosi?

Because your device supports the 1800 which Safaricom uses for LTE. Safaricom also uses the 800 which has better coverage. With 4G+, they can aggregate the two bands to give users better throughput. Your device has to support it(we have different categories of LTE-CAT 3 to CAT 16).

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@martingicheru yes, i bought it in Kenya

On checking i see lte band 8(900) being supported on both the global & special edition brands or am i reading this wrongly?

If that is your device then you should be able to get Telkom on band 8(900). I think i checked the the Red mi 3 pro not the Red mi Note 3 Pro.

Your Xiaomi should be able to receive 4G, maybe try a different location.

I know you’ve probably already done this but have you replaced your SIM with a 4G enabled one?

Have you tried checking for 4G reception from a different location? These Telkom 4G coverage is so poor. I can’t get a signal indoors and even outdoors the signal is terrible.

My Telkom 4G has full bars all the time. Even indoors.

@Peter_Ngure I’ve already done so… @deewinc honestly I haven’t checked. Right now am with Airtel but its not good as my Telkom 3G line.

I wish I was you hehe[quote=“fwosi, post:15, topic:1356”]
Right now am with Airtel but its not good as my Telkom 3G line.

The free calls on Airtel have a thing to do with this congestion. I can agree Telkom 3G is great.