4Afrika Agenda was Better Executed by Infinix, at least part of it

So if you remember how 4Afrika project by Microsoft was introduced, it was in the early days of Windows phone, the main idea was for Microsoft to develop devices and software solutions for those that didn’t already have access. This meant cheaper versions for colleges and budget users for Microsoft software like OS and Office suite. The other side of it was getting devices (smartphones) cheaper so the mass market can start using smartphones in huge numbers.
I’ll focus on the second part which failed miserably, since it was based off an Operating System that has had a really tough journey getting users.

Now as far as getting devices cheaper and in the hands of many, even Firefox OS powered devices stood a better chance at executing, Orange Klif sold out via Orange Kenya. Infinix has been the best executor of project “get smartphones in the hands of mass market Africa”, at least in markets where it’s sold.

Quite recently, Carter Tang, the Infinix country manager mentioned that the smartphone brand is currently at number 2 in smartphones sales in Kenya. This is a huge thing, considering that Tecno has been first then Samsung, now it seems they’ve ousted Samsung from the second position. Now it’s almost definite that everywhere you go you’ll see someone holding an Infinix smartphone, and this isn’t stopping soon. The company keeps learning and delivering better smartphones, sometime back Infinix was a joke people made when referring to what smartphone you had, now it’s something you recommend to someone without flinching.

:joy::joy::joy: seriously infinix, why would u recommend infinix to someone maybe coz it’s cheap but for me infinix is a no go zone i agree they have some dope features but the software puts me off(not android)

I’ve got to agree. Infinix is a great great phone brand and I don’t hesitate recommending them to other people. I’ve used them consistently for almost 3 years now starting with the Note and upgrading to the Zero3, which I just lost.
They still have a perception problem though, particularly among high earning people but the quality of the product is making converts first.

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Their custom UI isn’t the best but it’s not the worst either. Apart from the bloatware and overly colorful UI, Infinix XOS is actually good. Better than the likea of HiOS.