16GB Internals on a Smartphone, already too small?

The first iPhone came running 4GB internal storage for the base model, Samsung’s Galaxy S had 8GB for the base model, the HTC Dream, first Android Smartphone I ever used (not owned) had 256MB.

Fast forward to 2016 and 8GB internals are for mass market budget phones below $100, but there are still devices in the medium range coming with 8GB internals. I am currently using a Galaxy A5 2016 and it’s 16GB internals already feel tiny. What bare minimums would you survive with and have room for air currently?

16GB is my bare minimum… Especially with phone cameras getting so good, meaning images are quite big. I however prefer having 32GB of storage coupled with an SD Card or at least 64GB if there’s no SD Card support

With all the media I regularly carry, at the moment 64 gigs is my bare minimum. Then again my worst habit is data hoarding.

Well,16GB would be adequate if not for the OS occupying lots of that space :smiley:

When I bought my phone (LG G2) I thought 16GB is a lot. And since there’s no SD card slot, I thought I’d never need it. But after upgrading from kitkat to lollipop I’ve been struggling with storage. Recording a 1 minute vid in 13mp (4160 × 3120) can take approx110mb.

16GB on a flagship sans SD card slot can be quite a nightmare. But there’s still people who buy cheap iPhone 5 smartphones with 16GB internals. I struggle with mine even with external storage and ability to move app data to external storage.

My phone is also 16GB. The space is enough to me. I also transfer files or data in big size such as music, video, photos,etc to computer for backup. So I can free up space on my phone.

I have been using phones (daily drivers) with a base storage of 32GB for 3 years now and I just can’t do anything below that. Of course I always shift to 16GB phones and maybe (very rarely), 8GB devices because I have to review them. In such circumstances, it’s always like moving from huge living quarters to a tiny cold storage room that only has enough space to let the door open and let you in and it’s not fun at all. This year, if I am to pay for a phone, the minimum is 64GB onboard storage, nothing less. While I could be very much satisfied with 16GB back in 2012, today the same apps I had on my phone in 2012 have either doubled in size or increased in capacity tremendously and I’d barely have any space left to store my selfies after installing all of them. Never mind that the image quality is also much better and thanks to lots of new features, the image files themselves have been getting bigger.