10,000mAh powerbank Giveaway

So today I’m feeling generous. I have an LG ‘Powertank’ to give away to members. Just reply here and tell me how many hours of screen on time you get out of your phone, and type of phone.

Quick rundown on the powerbank features:

  • 10,000mAh
  • Charges fast (as it says on the box)
  • Has two charging ports, so two phones get charged
  • 3A output
  • Original LG of course, unopened.
    Price by LG is $50, so it’s not a bad giveaway.

I will pick a random person. Techweez team is not eligible for this, but may tell us how their phone performs. You should be able to pick it from our office on Lenana road, Kilimani, Nairobi. We won’t ship.


This is probably the simplest competition I’ve ever seen on any Kenyan blog. Most competitions are like World Ventures; Let 50 people know about this and if you can just sign up 5 people…

Anyway I use an Infinix Zero 3, I get about 6-8 hours of almost continuous screen time out of it.

Nice giveaway… Been using the Wiko Slide 2 for a while…now looking for a good nougat phone to upgrade to

I have a Techno Camon c9 plus. I have tried many power banks and at home its like I collect powerbanks to decorate my house. My latest has been a Lab31 powerbank and it doesn’t last for long. Hope if I win this it will do the job since am constantly in the field doing work and less time to a power source.

Thanks guys and keep up the great work!
Michael Pops

I have an LG G3. Intensive usage (gaming) may bring the battery life to about 3 hours…Occasional use with WiFi and sync on…with me constantly checking my social media can go on for about 7 hrs…I charge my phone atleast twice a day which is a problem when I am on the go.

I have an “inverted” usage/charging pattern - my phone, Tecno Y6, stays plugged in all day and is a wireless ‘hotspot’. At night, it gets unplugged, and I use FBreader to read a book, which keeps the screen on permanently. I often fall asleep without exiting the app - so it’s on with the screen active all night long. 8 hours before it starts complaining of low battery.

Summary: Tecno Y6 - 8 hours full screen


  1. Why the strange usage? - On solar power :slight_smile:
  2. Isn’t it bad to leave a phone plugged in all the time? - No, phones use an ‘intelligent charging’ algorithm which switches off the charging when the battery is full, and powers the phone from the charger, not the battery (except Samsung Note 7 :wink: )
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My screen power is for about 4 hours with minimal browsering,phone type is huawei ascend G7.

Hi. I use an LG G2. My screen on time is 6 hours because of heavy social media usage, reading articles online and gaming

I am on a zero 3 and a heavy user. I get atmost five hours on-screen time, which means I am mostly plugged in. A power bank would be a greatly appreciated accessory, especially when travelling. Thanks

i have hotwav cosmos v13 i get about 6 hours continous screen time

I have used my 5.2 inch LG G2 for over 3 years now. It’s stacked with a 3000mAh efficient battery and a Snapdragon 800 system chip. It’s built on an efficient 28nm HK-MG process. LG G2 uses GRAM (Graphics RAM) that allows the display to refresh less frequently and draw less power - the savings could be up to 26%. When still new it could last a full work day under extreme stress and practically without putting it down. Unfortunately with its “no option” of replacing the battery, nowadays it only lasts a few hours that means I have to carry a power bank and a charger throughout. Since the phone is still very reliable and powerful am not looking forward to replacing it any time soon.

Ibe been on LG G2 for a year now. It has been such a darling until its battery drain got outta control and the camera got.messier.

I use Infinix hot 2 screen time 6hours 1.5 years

Currently on the Infinix Zero 4. I’m a heavy user, I get screen on time of around 5 hours.

And the time to pick a winner is here.

@Muchiri_Mwangi is our winner! Congratulations! Please arrange to pick up your Power bank any from tomorrow during the weekday. I will talk to you via private message to pick your phone number.

Most of you shared your phone battery life, I asked about the screen on time. But not all is lost. We should have another winner on Friday. I have a second 10,000 mAh power bank to give to the person who has the most replies to the forum by Friday 4pm. UPDATE I meant replies to forum topics, any existing or new topics, not necessarily this one.

Be civil, don’t just reply to topics to be ahead. Get engaging!


My Techno Boom J8 battery has really been suffering these days. I can’t push a full day of usage. Mostly I end up wasting around 30 minutes of my valuable time to top up incase it dies while am in business calls. I could really use a power bank.

Congrats @Muchiri_Mwangi . With 5 hours on screen time I guess you deserved it more

I am greatly honored and really appreciate the power bank. Christmas comes early thanks to you guys. I appreciate.

@Peter, thanks mate. This will help me get more productivity from my phone

I am surprised that some people get as much as 12hrs from their phones here because the best I can get is 6 hrs on 4G with minimal streaming but running apps actively and in the background.