ZTE's Shutdown Effect on Kenya


I have seen a certain argument online.

These phones are also being used by the resistance to share with the world what is happening in their country.

Obviously, ZTE only cares about their bottom line but without these phones, we might have never know how bad it is in North Korea.

Maybe there was some good that came out of all this… maybe.


Donald Trump coming in to help ZTE… I thought he was the mastermind of the sanctions


He has a bunch of billionaire friends from China. He spoke about how China was robbing America its jobs while at the same time claiming that most of his clients in the real estate are Chinese.

It is a great move anyway especially when you argue from this perspective.


Thing are thick


Yaani the US has decided ZTE must go down.


Watajua China sio Iran :joy:


So the ban has been lifted but China needs to remove tariffs on US farms products… :joy: these countries


Wangesema tu mapema juu ZTE and farm products are miles apart :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Lakini… farm procuts na ZTE zinaingilia wapi?