Xiaomi redmi 5 plus new best under 25k phone?


Hey guys so I decided to get myself a secondary device earlier on last week and I was stuck between the camon X Pro and the redmi 5 plus(4gb 64gb variant).I decided to for the Xiaomi honestly I’m not a fan of mediateck socs😂.This phone packs the Snapdragon 625. 4gigs of ram and 64gigs of internal storage and a whooping 4000mah battery…I’ll be doing a full review later on bah the battery life is great I got this device on Sunday and I’ve only charged it once😎


Hows its Camera? Considering It has such low megapixels as compared to other phones in its price range.

Huawei GR5 2017
32GB Storage
12MP Back Camera
8MP Front Camera

Xiaomi Redmi 5plus
64GB Storage
12MP Back Camera
5MP Front Camera

Tecno Camon X Pro
64 GB Storage
16MP Back Camera
24MP Front Camera

Nokia 6 2018
32GB Storage
16MP Back Camera
8MP Front Camera

Xiaomi Mi A
64GB Storage
12MP Back Camera
5MP Front Camera

Prices as per Phones and Tablets shop on Kimathi Street


Xiaomi has not been doing that well in the camera department even on it’s flagship phones when compared to arch rivals and the same case applies to the redmi 5 plus.Though the pictures taken are decent and Instagram ready…The camon line is way ahead in terms of the camera department.


It has been said here a few times that you get a lot from Xiaomi phones, just not a good camera.

There is also the Miui that is aggressive in energy saving and may end up keeping your notifications and alerts away from you. Otherwise they are generally good phones. I wouldn’t buy them though.


1 Good battery life
2 The FHD display is quite good and the viewing angles are good to though it suffers under direct sunlight.
3 poor poor ram management​:unamused::unamused:
4 I haven’t encountered any lags though the Snapdragon 625 does the job quite well though I’d have loved if it came with the most recent SD 636.


this is because of MIUI that is heavily customized


as I have said previously I love this phone dearly. Used it for two and a half months now. excellent battery life (8 hours SOT), good rear camera, unusable selfie camera, excellent WIFI and network reception, software update every 3 weeks so far and waiting on MIUI 10.

ps. Ram management is quite good probably because I don’t game.


Bout the camera use the pixels camera from XDA it does wonders to this phones photography :sunglasses:


Hopefully miui 10 fixed this😑


Rooting and installation is such a process and it’s not that bad at the moment


how is miui 10 performing on the phone?


Very well. I am on the beta with that android 8.1. Password auto fill is probable the best feature upgrade. Battery life is still the best. Full screen gestures still need more work on smoothness but xiaomi have the best gesture implementation. Swiping on either of the screen to go back is extremely intuitive. Face unlock also is fast. However, despite all this I would recommend against buying the phone at the moment. Its down to 15k and 18 for 4GB/64GB…the same price as Redmi Note 5 Pro 4GB/64GB which is faster plus better cameras. The redmi note 6 pro 3/32 will also cost 20k I presume.


Am glad xiaomi is officially in kenya… otherwise kina Avechi would be selling note 5 pro for 25k… :grin:


So yesterday while doing a site inspection I fell into a pool me with my nokia 2 in hand, I am inthe market for a new faiba 4g supporting phone, th nokia 5.1 has poor battery according to the internets and the oppo f5 is old, what notch-less options under 5.5 inches do i have?


Interested to salvage some parts .Would you sell it ?


Faiba 4G phones are quite few so maybe go through the list of Nokia phones and select one. The Nokia 6.1 has had seen some very positive reviews and its available at 21500 in stores.


Got the Nokia 6 but at 22k really nice phone, a little wide and boxy but I will get used to it, quite fast compared to my 1GB Nokia 2, saw some respectable itel phones with nice screens and Faiba support at between 8 to 15k but the brand,I associate it with kabambe.
Gachie, the phone had a cracked screen and my mason is dead convinced he can get it repaired so I gave it to him.