Xiaomi gets into Kenya, interview


Aii @Peter_Ngure, I have to disagree with you. All the brands you have mentioned have serious underlying issues, especially in one area you care about, privacy.

The quality of the hardware and software on these devices is terrible… They have very few phones that are attractive. Most of them are wrongly advertised. I have bought an UMIDIG and Ulefone thinking they looked really good until you get your hands on them and regret the decision instantly.


Kabisa, but to each his own.

Xiaomi probably knows exactly how many people flash custom roms on their devices since you need a server side bootloader unlock to unlock their phones. The good thing is they honour their warranty even if your bootloader is unlocked, unlike other companies.


when it comes to android warranty is for the weak, simu unaroot na ku unlock bootloader same day umeinunua


Compare on which grounds? I know you’re probably talking benchmarks but they are so overrated. The average smartphone user requires only a fraction of the processing power of midrange Qualcomm SoC’s (currently snapdragon 660’s) and newer MTK SoC’s perform almost as well as those midrange Snapdragons often for a lower price.

Battery wise, I admit that Snapdragons are efficient but MTK is catching up on that front with helio p23 and p60.

Flagship grade Qualcomm SoC’s are way too powerful for the average Android user unless you play heavy 3D games at max quality and use uber heavy apps like KineMaster which, if you do, you are a minority because such tasks are best left to standalone PC’s. Anyways, even Qualcomm knows that their SoC’s are plenty powerful that’s why you see them going after the PC market. If their foray in that market proves profitable, they might split their SoC’s into mobile and PC versions because clearly it makes no sense to keep making them more powerful for smartphone use. I saw SONY has started making phones with 4K screens just because the CPU can support it and as a marketing gimmick because 4K on a phone? SERIOUSLY?! Of what use could it possibly be except for Virtual reality which, let’s be honest, is still at its infancy stages.


Yeah, you’re right, quality control issues plague these brands sometimes but if you spend enough time to study the market sentiments, you’ll get a great device every time. Personally I never buy phones from these companies on pre-order because I’ll be the Guinea pig so I wait a month to three months after the consumer devices start shipping (more if I want a custom ROM). That way, if you know where to look, you’ll see plenty of discussion about any newly released phone and armed with that information, you can go ahead and buy the one that causes few to no tears being shed.

Unfortunately for these brands, every once in a while you’ll get a phone that utterly disappoints customers but those are getting fewer. The quality of manufacturing techniques is converging with every passing day because even unknown brands in China are getting access to the most modern equipment because of technological advancement and the oversupply of manufacturing facilities in the country. Furthermore, very few companies dominate the production and supply of vital components of smartphones. Just to name a few, these companies dominate in producing the respective components…

  1. DRAM chips: Samsung, SK Hynix, Micron

2.Camera Modules: SONY, Samsung, OmniVision, Toshiba, SK Hynix

  1. Internal Memory (colloquial:ROM): Samsung, Micron (also manufactures NAND flash for Intel), SanDisk, SK Hynix, Toshiba (in 50-50 joint venture with SanDisk)

  2. Displays: Samsung, Japan Display, LG, Sharp, Chimei, AUO

  3. Batteries: Samsung SDI, LISHEN, BAK, BYD, HYB battery, DNK Power, ATL, Foxconn, SGM, ERD, CELCOM, Eastar, Honoto

6.SoC: Apple, Qualcomm, Exynos, Kirin, MediaTek, Surge (Xiaomi’s first attempt).

My point is that there are thousands of smartphones out there but considering that there are often just over five companies supplying almost all important components of the phones, it is not that easy for a company to make a dramatically different phone (of comparable price) from another company in the areas that matter. Quality control is usually the biggest complaint of smartphone user-reported problems.

I guess I’m a bit fortunate to not have come across these quality control issues but really luck has little to do with it. With the sheer number of smartphones produced, only a small percentage of them are plagued with these issues. Heck! Even big brands like Samsung and Apple sometimes get bit by the QC bug not because they are not good manufacturers but because they use numerous third-party components.


Finally!! A fellow tweak freak :grin::grin::grin:. There was actually a time I used to cook my own custom ROM when CyanogenMod was still alive. Because of limited time, now I just wait for the nerds at XDA and 4PDA to whip up something sweet for my phone. Privacy issues and non existent ROM updates become a thing of the past as long as you have a fairly popular device SoC notwithstanding.

Some Chinese manufacturers are now releasing the source code for their ROMS very quickly and sometimes even partnering with recognized developers to bring the latest Android has to offer to their popular models. That offloads their limited staff to concentrate on Rn’D and keeps customers happy because they get ROM updates OTA.


Snapdragon is waaaaaaaaaaaay better. I have used both extensively and SD is just better. The problem with MTK is software optimisaztion. Apps are always crushing leading to black screens and a need to restart the phone.


I know not what you guys speak of. I have used Infinix for the past 3 years, on the zero 5 pro now. Device works as advertized and is more reliable than team iPhone, team Sony ETC. the battery life is fine and rarely have anything to complain about. I think there is no one size fits all device. The iPhone is likely the closest.


I’d love to see how you arrived at this? Was there a decade-long research that you conducted somewhere in the mountains?

You do not have to bash everything just to make a point. How many modern-day iPhones, Sony, Pixel, Nokia etc devices have you used extensively? And no, kuscroll simu ya display does not count.

The device works as advertised and is very reliable.” would have conveyed your message clearly and I would have taken your reply seriously.