Xiaomi gets into Kenya, interview


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:the adds are not that many I only found some in the file manager. Some infinix phones have them on the lock screen now that’s more disturbing


Yeah and get tons of bloatware. I don’t know where to run to on my next upgrade :sweat::sweat::sweat:

ION Avechi should start selling sugar laced with mercury!


Android One devices and Vanilla Android don’t get you bloat.


Ama you install a new custom ROM like vanilla it’s worth the hustle :joy:


Not with Samsung. Still looking for an alternative manufacturer that can match or beat the standard these guys have set.


Mention names tujue


Infinix is a strong suspect



I have come close to buying xiaomi several times over the years but my stomach just can’t digest MIUI. It’s the shittiest Android OS flavor for customization freaks like myself. I could buy their android one phone --I forget what it’s called-- but even then I get better value for my money buying lesser known brands with vanilla or close to vanilla Android that I can tweak the sh*t out of. I guess it’s never Xiaomi’s day in my book :joy::joy:.

@Antony_Njenga vanilla is a necessity for some of us. Being locked out of customizing a phone the way you want is just wrong. Manufacturers should be aware that there are power users and make their phones respect every one’s wishes. Xiaomi should offer vanilla Android alongside miui even if it’s a bit costlier. They have no idea (or maybe don’t care) just how many people fail to buy their phones because of the OS.


Telkom selling Xiaomi devices



The only thing I like about Xiaomi is their accessories which have excellent value for money compared to their phones. YES! I said it!. Even though the CEO said they’ll never sell phones with a mark-up of over 5%, why is it so easy to get a competing brand with a similarly specced phone for a (sometimes substantially) LOWER price? That statement by the CEO was just marketing in my books.

In hindsight, custom ROMS based on vanilla Android exist for some xiaomi phones but their handset prices are still not competitive enough for me to consider and don’t mention build quality because that’s a moot point. Competitors frequently exceed Xiaomi’s build quality at a lower price point. Local support is also not so important because if you have a good phone to begin with and take care of it, you’ll not need much support for it anyways.

Just compare Xiaomi phones with similar phones on Chinese sites like www.GearBest.com, www.Banggood.com, www.Antelife.com, etc. You’ll see just how much more Xiaomi costs compared to the competition.


Just say you hate Xiaomi hehe you dont have to hate on their cheap phones. Als please share phone with similar specs to Xiaomi phones for the price and also available for purchase in Kenya. It would be genuinely helpful for many people.


After using MIUI for 2 months, I would say its the most customisable skin. I have so far done over 100 customizations without downloading any app and I love that (some of us hate having to download an app for every single thing, MIUI includes everything in its OS). The only thing you cant change is having a app drawer. I used to be the biggest MIUI hater ever but I guess now I am stuck for life. I also have gotten a software update every 2 weeks. Also I will keep buying Xiaomi phones mostly becasue of MIUI, its very sad but they got me.


As the bloggers say it😂"slap nova launcher" and you’ll love MIUI


As you have said, you have considered Xiaomi but have never purchased one.
Stop listening to other people and try MIUI yourself am sure your mentality will change


Unfortunately most competing brands don’t really have a presence in Kenya so you must know how to import phones directly from China. I’m talking about phones from companies like Ulefone, UMIDIGI, Blackview, Oukitel, Doogee, and many other less known brands. Name any Xiaomi phone and I can get you at least a few competitors that are cheaper but not because of poorer quality.

Try I have. Suffice to say it didn’t grow on me.


All the phones you have mentioned are inferior to Xiaomi in terms of build quality. I have seen most of them amd they break down alot. If you have to then compare Xiaomi with a Samsung with the same specifications. Most of the brands you have mentioned what they do is when buying parts for their phones from other companies they are not very strict on the parts quality hence get lower prices. That is why if you buy a Dooge there are very high chances it may break on two months after using it. It’s like playing the rotary hoping you bought a phone with the good parts. Same goes for very many infinix phones. Xiaomi and samsung also do the same but only with some of their phones. Example is Xiaomi Mi A1 and the galaxy J7 2016.


I have owned phones from those lesser brands but am yet to own one that breaks for no reason. In fact the build quality is often quite good. The only downside of these phones is few or no OS updates once the companies get at least one ROM version right. I also think that a phone’s life expectancy depends on the care you take of it. Since this is a very subjective topic I don’t see any amicable resolution to it so let’s agree to disagree.


MTK phones are way inferior, you just can’t compare with snapdragon phones.


Yeah, they had informed us last year that they were working with Xiaomi to bring in their devices.