Wireless Earphones/Headphones - Are They a Thing Now?


I think the kenyan government is just greedy, the US also imports landcruisers just like kenya, about bose kenya I think on top of tax they add their rent, power, salaries and profit. but still inthe same mall someone will pay 2,000 for a haircut while another will pay 50 bob just outside the same mall.


Issues with my Pace Mate earphones :sob:


my brother broke my Pace headsets.


maybe I won’t be wrong to say, our government poisoned stiffler!


Yeah. A little poison will do you some good. Try it…


:joy: I hope they bring a version 2 of it though coz they’re really good in terms of sound quality


How are the INFINIX QUIETX HEADPHONES, I see them going for 8,500/- are there better options at this price point, I am looking for earphones with big ear cups not those that press your ear robes but ones that swallow the whole ear.
There is also the wireless earphones, my wired keep losing the connection and I have to wiggle or insert it halfway to get audio, simple earphones without those funny neck thingis


The build quality seems great at first but our office unit has started tearing around the ear muffs and it is rarely used. Aside from this, I really like them. They look good, sound even better and you can go wireless if that’s your thing.


I got some cheap but interesting earphones, they have speakers lower then the sound is delivered by a tube to the ears, is this what they call piped music? They cost me 200 Bob and they have a good base for the price, I will skip the infinix for now.


Are you actually saying these things are worth more than 200 bob?


Yeah, the build quality is not the best, i think they are called ofia or something, I didn’t take the box.


This is true – white noise especially.


I wanna know where this is


Where did you get this?


Just a random phone shop in Mombasa, asked for cheap earphones got 5 options all for 200, chose this because they were unique, if you check the earbuds they fit tight into the ear opening blocking all sound, they are uncomfortable at first but you get used to them after a while, I think the tubes help the sound because the bass is strong, the tubes are clear which I find really cool.


Si you ship them Techweez :rofl:


Banadir electronics shop,1st floor on skymall building hapo luthuli avenue close to archives…


I will pass by that shop today and ask for some more.


I have used my fair share of Ofia earphones. The challenge is after one month either the left or right speaker will stop working. They actually sound better than earphones of upto 2000 ksh but having to replace them every month was a struggle for me.


Found the shop by chance. Was shopping for a hometheatre.