Wireless Earphones/Headphones - Are They a Thing Now?


I am on this, thank you very much.


Looked for these locally and only saw them on Jumia at 1700/=. Anyone know of a cheaper place locally?


Import is the word dude… IMPORT!!


Why did you give up on wireless?


Finally got these. I think they are among the best earphones I have owned in terms of audio quality. I wish I could have the headphones as well.


Just to know where you’re coming from given your high regard for the pace mate’s audio quality, could you please give us example(s) of some wired earbuds you have used before which you think have inferior sound quality to the pace mate… It will be very much appreciated.

Also, have you experienced any sort of latency in the Bluetooth connection causing delay between the audio and video on your phone (particularly playing 3D games and watching h265 videos, and…

Finally, what SoC does your phone have (Qualcomm, MediaTek, Kirin, or Exynos.


Also very interested in knowing what earphones guys praising the pacemates have used in the past because i legit feel that these pace products are overpriced/overhyped.


I have actually not used so many of them but the ones I recall are Ovleng (cost about $7), Skull Candy Titans (cost $30+ and were useful for very long) then Sony MDRs and some other back and whites (can’t remember the name) that were really heavy on bass.

Now all these are not inferior but different. The reason I really liked pace and said it was the audio experience. Sound is objective in a way and to me they sound close to studio monitors - no exaggeration of original audio (just a balanced reproduction). This makes it easy to single out voices and instruments and even the very hidden audio strips are audible. Then there is the volume thing (don’t have a word for it) where as you increase the volume it because larger than louder. This is a problem with most earphones (and headphones) where high volume simply hurts your ears because it gets too loud. Pace almost gets it right here. I can listen to these on high volume and it feels like a concert hall rather than a loud radio on my ears. That is my weird description of the sound.

On latency, I am no gamer so I wouldn’t know and I have not seen it on video. I used them for audio music 90% of the time. I will check that though. My phone is on the Snapdragon 820 SoC.


Fatigue is something that I always struggle with when I listen to music for long but I realized it’s all about the volume level. It’s actually used by the CIA to torture people but maybe I watch too much TV :grin::grin:. But it gets better with lower volume.

Thanks for the insight. Now there’s a case for wireless earbuds on my next purchase. It’s a bit hard to get past some shortcomings of wireless headsets though. First, I cannot listen to the FM radio with wireless earphones (yeah, FM is still a thing). Also, the versatility of wired is great because I can use them on pretty much anything including desktop PC’s which often don’t have Bluetooth. Another very important thing is battery life on wireless headsets. Maybe the xFyro Aria might solve the problem because I can be forgetful sometimes but having yet another thing to keep charged might cause me to forget charging one of my more important gadgets.