Wireless Earphones/Headphones - Are They a Thing Now?


I have a problem that is extremely unique in that rubber earphones (ear buds) don’t fit my ears, even if I try changing the caps, they just fall off after two steps. So because of this unique challenge I am stuck with my Sony earphones. The only companies I have seen deliver traditional earphones are Apple earpods and Google whatevers. I wonder if I am the only one who encounters this challenge.


I have read through. Seems like the next pair I am getting.


What of the others? i.e. No bluetooth


This happened to me with the Infinix Earbuds. I literally just gave them away because I could not stand how annoying it was that they kept falling off.


I prefer headphones. Earbuds/earphones make me itch my ear over the feeling of imaginary ants walking on my eardrums.


This made me laugh. Si uko na mashida.


another side effect of those rubbery earphones


True story :joy::joy::joy:
Mimi sizipendi hataaa.

Kabisaa I itch my ears sana.


headphones anyday…


but at work you cant wear heaphones, unless you are the head of IT


Personally I have both the wireless and wired JBL earphones and frankly speaking the base level on the wired one is great compared to the wireless one…


Tembea Techweez ujionee mambo…


Mimi niko jua kali with headphones all the time. I’m the head boy hapa juu na kichwa kubwa.


Guess nyinyi ni ma `Pace’ setter


Huwa nakua unofficial IT support ata ningevaa earphones someone ukuja for a query every 5 minutes sijui WIFI haiconnect, kuna website inasem nimewin Iphone so ingekua kazi ya kuziota 99% of the time.


U and me both, ati imaginary ants :joy:


Workplace depends but others even if its at home, headphones is a No!


No. Tumekataa.


i gave up on wireless,now just sticking to wired earphones/headphones


What you need are some aftermarket buds (the rubber thingies that go at the tip of the earbuds). I recommend you go for some high quality MEMORY FOAM earbuds which you can buy for anywhere between $1 and $3 per piece. I bought my first memory foam earbuds from a Chinese website for $1 a piece and since then I have never gone back to silicone. Foam buds don’t easily fall off. During the first few weeks after buying them i dreaded waving my hands anywhere close to my ears because if you accidentally tug on the cable you feel like it could break because of how well the earphones attach to your ears. The sound isolation is also awesome with foam buds compared to silicone. Get them in large size because from what it sounds like, your ear canal needs big buds. You don’t have to worry about them not fitting because it’s MEMORY FOAM. You pinch it into a tiny size and then put them in after which they expand to adapt to the contours of your ear canal achieving an excellent seal all the time.