Why I do not recommend Avechi anymore


Another Jumia case

So this guy purchased a Samsung J7 2015 thinking that it was the J7 2017 because it was posted as the latest version of the J7 on Jumia.

Last year November, I also wanted to get the A7 2016 from Jumia and realized that the image and title suggested it was that phone but the specs provided were for the A7 2015. I asked Jumia about it and they told me they’ll correct the details. After a few days it was still the same and I decided to go to Samsung and get it instead.

So kumbe some of their partners prey on ignorant or naive customers :thinking::thinking::thinking:

Upon further inquiry

In fact, I was wrong. The guy was sold a pretty old model of the phone.

Well he wanted to sue :joy::joy::joy:


Just remember that Jumia has vendors. Avechi can open a store on Jumia and start selling there. Just because it is on Jumia doesn’t mean their shitty business practices will disappear.

If you have shopped on Amazon before, you know that you should always pick items sold directly by Amazon or in a worst-case scenario, it should be fulfilled by Amazon.

Unfortunately, unlike Amazon, Jumia doesn’t really sell anything. For the most part, they are just the middleman.

They also do a mediocre job of being a middleman so there is also that.


These places have a long way to go IMO. If you’re a retailer you should establish above level partnerships with these people so customers know exactly what is happening. I believe some should also scale back their offering and focus on niche markets at least till they get a handle on the logistics of it all. Can’t have $1B valuation companies with start-up problems - Jumia & Safcon.

Look at people who sell clothes or even cakes on Facebook. They have better customer service by focusing on niche markets. Our generation is averse to delivery guys - some small businesses have owners as fulfilment guys when the work is a lot - so I’m. It sure where people are going with this vendor - platform - delivery cloud only model.

Basically: Purchase stock, have in-house fulfilment, build trust then slowly roll out your amazon/Alibaba clone. Online shopping in kenya is a mess and worse if the company’s top of mind impression to clients is thay they’re a thief.


I purchased the Redmi Note 4 from Avechi in early 2017. The device has been okay, until the power button stopped working a couple of months ago. I ignored the issue, and after research, I found out that it is not an isolated incidence. Inherently, I knew Avechi would make me jump one million hurdles before getting a fix but tried to pay them a visit nonetheless.
So, more than two months down the line, the guys at their Kenyatta Ave. shop are yet to rectify the situation. Apparently, the part, which was ordered weeks ago, is yet to find its way here, which is funny because they receive parts every week. Furthermore, these guys lie on your face. I don’t know if it’s a mechanism to frustrate customers, and they have this ‘we’ll call you’ line (I never left my phone number behind, so I don’t know who they intended to call in the first place).
Were it not for the double tap gestures, my case would have been worse. Now, I just make sure my phone never goes off because getting it back on is science.


What will happen if your phone ever goes off?


I can power it, but I have to apply a substantial amount of force on the button.


This is the phone that I want to buy and apparently, the reviews here about vendor and brand are telling. Thanks guys for your incredible opinion…


Unfortunately Avechi is like the only local shop with Xiaomi handsets
You could try importing if you know the process


You can still buy it, or wait for the Redmi 5 Plus. Your experience maybe different.


That Xiaomi rn4 how bad is the camera?


Camera is okay. Just average