Why I do not recommend Avechi anymore


I blame it on the poor reception of those routers halafu pia poor Orange network back then. :joy::joy::joy:


I agree with you.
I remember Buying a phone few years ago, it was indicated 16GB internal. Was delivered only to realize few weeks its an 8GB phone… I didn’t check since the phone had not announced 8gb version. till today I’ve never seen anyone with same model of 8gb lol

Kindly NOTE: This issue of displaying wrong internal size is common in their shop
Also If you do thorough window shopping they’re way expensive.


You are right. I bought a phone from them a few months ago, it was indicated it had 4G. (That was the only reason I was buying the device) Only to realize after the delivery man left that it was not.
I also bought a cover for the same device from them for 500. I was told it was not in stock (it would be available in a month). When finally it was available I was told it was KSh. 1,500. I requested for a refund 3 times. Long story short, I have never been refunded for something which was not delivered.


Those guys fucked me up a good one. First time I bough a phone called elephone, within a week, it’s unlock buttons stopped working. I ignored the issue as the phone allowed one to unlock using screen gestures. Phone never lasted for long, got stolen after a few weeks but I am sure it would not have lasted more than an year without more problems.
Then I went back and bought two other phones, same model. One crushed and stopped working within a week. I went back , bla bla bla, they tried to make it look like I damaged the phone, said alot of nyef nyef about going to the manufacturer, I waited for 6 months for it to come back until I gave up on it.
They may have some good prices, but what i learned is that cheap is so fucking expensive. I was a long time client to avechi, I think i have bought more than 6 devices from them and numerous recommendations, but after a phone getting damaged after a week and that was gone just like that, that was my last time there. I can testify that there are many other place in Nairobi with better deals and I have never had any issue with warranties from other folks.


Sorry for that experience but we’re all victims here. One of these fine days people will shame them if they don’t change-and I dont think they’re up for any change


With all that is being said here… I think buying from Safaricom Shop and other official retailers remains the best option for anyone.


if they have a bad rep like that here on this forum,si its just a matter of time before it goes fully public and their biz collapses


This forum post is on the first page of Google when you search for ‘Avechi’ (9/10). That explains the number of views.

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I have a friend in thika who shopped online, coming to pick the item was 3k extra. No explanation given eti ni error ya online Hawajaibadilisha btw.
Collapse it will if they dont address their issues


Isn’t this now eligible for an article? @sarunibm considering the number of complaints


+1 this

Time for some Jicho Pevu on these ‘crooks’.


For sure unless they throw some “relax” fees out there to reporters Lol


Ona tu vile unanianika…heeeh

Then @kissykennysmatt anasema eti tumepewa relax what?


You see, that seem to work widely in this nation so its just a maybe


Well, there’s something in the kitchen.


Hope is good, thank you.


While you are on this topic, people should avoid Jumia and most other online stores in Kenya. In November 2015, I was lured to Jumia by an Acer laptop that fetched 3k less than in stalls. I placed an order online. Despite what they say about “pay on delivery”, the order could not process until I paid to the last dime on that fateful November. They called me to confirm, raising my confidence and promised to deliver within 3 days. After 3 days, I got impatient, I had no computer yet I work online.

I waited, and waited, they called me on like day 5. I told them not to deliver the laptop (despite having paid for the delivery fee), I knew that in case of any faults with the package, it was easier to raise the issue in their Westlands office than at my local ghetto to their clueless boda boda guy. They told me to drop down to westlands and pick up the package. I did. The staff checked the records, and after about an hour told me that my package was still at the warehouse!!! I squirmed back to my hood, and decided not to call again. Mind you any calls to them were picked up after like 3hours, after all they had my money, I was a bug.

Kedo 8 days later (bado November), I went back to Westy. I found my laptop and inquired why they did not call me. Of course, they said they follow protocol and crap. I powered the machine right there. Unfortunately, it was a new device, so it had no OS. I had no way of testing whether the keyboard, ports, etc were working. I went home and inserted my Windows 7 disk. The BIOS ikasema haioni Hard drive. I changed the boot order asap, still, nothing. I tried windows 10 disk, nothing.

Next day, back to Jumia, they took like 5 hours and brought back a working PC with windows 7 claiming that it was just a “new stuff glitch”. I went home. Kufika kejani nikaanza my online hustle. Usiku nikadai kupunguza brightness. To my amazement, the brightness was not working. It was fixed at 100%. I was devastated. I tried all online tricks, third party apps, nothing. Nikarudi Jumia

They tried fixing it for hours and later gave me some form ya kusema machine iko na issue. I went home machineless. I called every day coz I was desperate. Sema kuzimiwa simu. Kedo after 2 weeks nikafika Westy kuzua. Nikatulizwa venye walisema lappy iko kwa Acer affiliate still in westy itakuja ikiwa shwari. I demanded to know the condition of the lappy, they gave me the address of Acer’s correspondent and I went to the office bado huko westy. Nikaambiwa machine imechapa motherboard ndo maana haionangi hard disk. Plus they had ordered a new motherdoard kutoka majuu. Nikaambiwa nirudi after 2 weeks. I gave up and went home. Nikaamsha my aged HP elite book which I bought in 2011 to get some work done (uses external keyboard, coz most of the keys on the laptop zimeng’oka with time, but a very solid machine: God bless HP).

Long story short, I got my laptop in January week 2 or 3. The brightness was fixed but I had to use windows 8.1 permanently (the worst version of all times). The brightness stays at 100% in win7 and win 10. I got done with Acer, Jumia and local Amazon wannabes like Kilimall and Avechi. Never again


Highly likely they sold you a refubished laptop. The moment wangesema tu motherboard imechapa ningewashow walete machine mpya.


Heh, sorry dude. If there is sth I’ve learnt about Kenya, NEVER BUY STH ONLINE, ione na uisorore before uilipie.


We should come up with some sort of list for ‘good’ stores.