Why I do not recommend Avechi anymore


:sweat_smile: :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: May be but the phone was not available na nilikua nimeambiwa iko. If you tell me it’s there I should find it. I felt wasted kuambiwa I can reserve. Sipendi story kama hizo. So I had to settle for something else juu sikua na simu poa naeza tumia.


Which “something else” did you buy?


Samsung A7 2016





:joy::joy::joy: The OnePlus 3T was the second alternative to the Note 5. I did not find the Note 5. So I had to check out for the OnePlus 3T. I did not find it too and then I had to settle for my third choice, the A7.

By the way the One Plus 5 has the same sAmoled display that is present on my A7 2016 hehehe. But I had no other option, I had the three choices and the one I got was the A7. So hapo haiwes kua mistake because there was no alternative.


You are going to base your choice on this? Wewe ulipotea.

Ni kama kusema ulibuy Toyota Crown because they used the same dashboard as a Mercedes E-Class


Someone bought a Samsung instead of a OnePlus. :smiley:


:joy::joy::joy: Guys. There was no OnePlus to buy.


I totally understand what @deewinc was going through because I could have done exactly the same. I have never bought any phone that’s on pre-order because of how hopelessly impatient I get when I’m in the market for a new phone. That money is on my case all the time telling me to spend it or else…


Meanwhile somewhere in Kenya


Wait, is that guy serious? Hahahah


Hahaha… But that is social media. Anything for the likes.


I’m also a victim of Avechi incompetent repair team. Just a month ago I took my UMI device there for repair believing that they are the best in town. My phone had a cracked screen and I would have repaired it myself if it were not for the lack of a spare parts in town.

I scrutinized my device to ensure nothing else had an issue. One of the repair guys said it would cost me 6k since they had to import the screen, which agreed. After two weeks, they called me and told me that there was a replacement screen available and I should go and pick it up. After reaching their Kenyatta avenue centre, I checked the phone for almost an hour to ensure everything was okay.

To my dismay, two things were not working… well, properly working. The fingerprint reader completely blocked me from using it and when i asked them, they told me they replaced it, which they should not have done since it is not soldered to the screen and was working previously. When I asked for the fingerprint module they took out, they told me it was not available. As a rule, if anyone replaces a fingerprint reader, he or she should flash a new OS to ensure its in sync.

Additionally, my phone signal kept having trouble connecting and when I asked them, they told me that the area has a low signal coverage. However, upon paying them and leaving, since I didn’t care much about fingerprint (afterall i can flash it on my own to secure my data) I realized the signal problem was too serious to the point it never connected to 4g or 3g in a low signal area…like my apartment.

I decided to open up the phone myself since returning it meant additional cost (according to their rules “never leave with a faulty device after repair”). I found that they also replaced the antenna cable with a faulty one and I had to replace it with a new one myself. The screen has also popped out on one side its like they didn’t use enough adhesive to keep it in place. Bottom line, never trust Avechi for repair. My advice is, get a device which has a service center from the OEM in the local market, like Samsung or LG. otherwise, in case of repair, do it yourself, or get a new device. It will save you the headache


What a bad experience. Unapeleka simu screen replacement unapata wamechange vitu kadhaa. Wangenipea simu mpya I tell you. Reminds me of a faulty Orange router I bought a few years ago and took back for repair only for them to lose the device and claim sikuacha and they will do nothing about it. hehehe ile vita nilileta hapo GPO. Nilipewa router mpya kutoka kwa box. Now it’s collecting dust somewhere.

Hao walichomoa hizo vitu ndiyo wauzie mtu mwingine na wewe urudi tena repair.


I went to Avechi once at Pioneer to buy a screen protector for my Redmi 3X. Didn’t like the customer service there. There is a huge disparity btn their image on the website and actually interacting with the staff. Then again, that was a year ago they have probably changed.

Still, I bought my phone from a shop at Bazaar. Thankfully, nothing major has happened so far (except for a few software glitches) it is an okay phone. Even if it did, I am prepared for it. The kind of service I’ve had does not compare to my mates who’s phones have lived in repair centres more than in their pockets. Especially Samsungs and Tecnos.




There are many more horror stories with phone repairs in CBD. If my phone breaks, best take it to the OEM Service centers. If it’s out of warranty, buy a new one.


Hehe, I think it’s arrogant but my old me kutengenezesha simu ni kama kupeleka ngotha kwa Fundi, it’s never really the same again, cracked screen glass maybe where the Fundi won’t open up the phone, but other repairs no, but then again I rarely wreck my phones, they die of old age I still have my ideos, and the Intel safaricom phones


You are the reason why Kenya tuko na shida mingi…hahaha,

Eh, I should talk nicely to you we do a TBT review


This, I agree with. Kabisa.