Why 5G is still years away to fruition


How can you explain grass yellowing up when exposed for long periods of time to the microwave radiation produced by boosters. I saw a video of this phenomenon on YouTube that clearly showed discoloration in grass that’s in direct line of site of boosters located on busy areas like shopping mall parking lots. The grass in the same area that’s behind some big obstacle like a thick-walled building was totally healthy. I saw that in such busy areas, telcos crank BTS’ output power a lot higher than the law allows bombarding anything in the vicinity with radiation levels that go beyond acceptable limits but nobody wants to admit that it happens.

Microwave radiation, which is what most boosters utilize, can be harmful in the right conditions, for instance, during extended exposure duration. That’s a fact.

Few people will tell you about things you frequently use that can cause you harm because the people in the know have vested interest in the company’s success. Did you know that fluorescent lamps can give you a sun burn if you’re close to them for a long period? Is it written anywhere on the packaging they come in?


That’s not how science works. I’ve literally watched a handful of those videos right now and they’re published by nutters who believe in the illuminati and such. Those claims have zero credibility.

Microwave radiation is essentially heat, of course it is dangerous in the right conditions for example if you stuck your head inside a microwave oven you would get serious burns. BTS towers and radar stations don’t run at high enough power levels to be dangerous.

What’s your point? Excessive consumption of water can kill, should that stuff come labelled as a hazardous material?


I worked in telecoms. The only source of microwave radiation is the round thing(microwave dish) used to link one site to the other. Standing behind it you’d feel like hot (like having a fever). Safaricom has used fibre to connect its towers so you’ll rarely get to see a microwave dish on urban towers.
A good example, Faiba & Telkom/Airtel are currently using 700Mhz/800Mhz which used to be for analogue TV. How come no one complained of radiation from the TVs then but are quick to point a finger when same frequencies are used for mobile telephony.


Interesting points you have there :thinking:. I guess I have some facts wrong. Thanks for the insight.