Who has used TCL, Vision Plus, Tomado, Lightwave or Shaani?


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Btw I came across this LG 43" SMART UHD @ 55k and this 42" LG LED TV @ 42k and this LG 43" 4K @ 51k. Seem like good offers for a bit older tv’s for folks not willing to travel the importation path for name brand tv’s; though I wouldn’t know.

I had no Idea such a shop existed, saw it on the side of a delively truck delivering something in my neighboorhood.


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I can vouch for TCL, of all the other named brands, because my recently last used “40” Smart TV" was from them. Used the TV for 1.5 years, never disappointed me. It is still functional as it was from day 1. It is by no means smart, that’s just a marketing term meant to grab users. It has a YouTube app though. And a plethora of other ‘smart’ features such a Wi-Di, dlna etc. It has stood the durability test for me, one piece of advise: Do your research/test before you buy. And most importantly, DO NOT skimp on the budget. You may think you are saving money by buying the same range for 5k cheaper, until the day you need to claim warranty on the cheap TV.


TCL, from what I’ve read, seems to be a good brand. Best selling on Amazon.


Am sure you are talking about TCL 55S405, a 55" 4k smart TV sold on Amazon by TCL themselves for $379. But don’t judge a book by its American and European market cover.

Most of the TCLs sold in Kenya you won’t find them on Amazon or eBay. For instance, there is this 55" TCL 55S6201 sold on jumia for 66k and it’s only 1080p. It’s almost 2 times more expensive than the American 4k model. Specs listed can make you think twice if it’s really smart.

I think they bring older crappy models with inflated prices to east Africa thinking that we won’t mind since our experience with smart TV is pretty low.

Compare TV prices and specs on Amazon and jumia and you will notice that we have expensive TVs which are shittier. But you might notice consistency on Samsung and LG TVs.


There so much truth on what you say. “Smart” is a word that has been deceptively used to market barely functional TV models in East Africa, Kenya in particular. I read somewhere that some TVs run stock Android and are couted as Smart TVs by marketers. It is worse that they are sold at twice as much as actual Smart TVs on Amazon as you point out.


I’m talking about TCL as a brand. The fact that it takes 7 slots in the top 10(there is a stat that TCL is now no. 2 in the US in terms of TV sales) on Amazon tells you it’s brand perception is positive

I agree with you that Kenyan sellers have overpriced it making it kinda expensive for what it’s offering. For 66k i can get an LG 4K smart tv (2017 model) and have change to get the big box 2 from Safaricom.

If you wanted that specific TCL TV(55 S505) use Kentex cargo. A pal of mine got it for 48k only.


TCL and kina Hisense are good brands…but only on american and European markets. Check whether you can find those best sellers on the Kenyan market. If you manage to find one, compare the price and specs. The question that lingers after such comparison is, who manufactures those mean’t for our market?


Those are still TCL made tvs. The issue here is the pricing not that those TCL tvs are bad(That they break easily)…they are bad in terms of the value(specs you are getting for the price). That’s an issue with our market. If the same TV on Jumia was priced differently (lower price to match the lower specs) it would be a better value proposition for your money.

You get decent specs for a lower price tag compared to other brands like LG.

You are right. These retailers like preying on our ignorance.


btw I’ve always wondered about sourcing a TV made for the American market. Is your pals TV dual voltage 120/240 or you have to use a step-down transformer?


It’s dual voltage.


This world is so unfair :sob:… This gives some insight on how manufacturers view African market.


This is not about the manufacturers but the vendors pricing. And maybe our tax regime.


Having used a smart tv for the last two years has taught me that you really need to know what you are going for and dont compromise even for one second…identify the shop selling it via OLX and go check if their product is what you wanted.There are places in this city you can get good deals on high quality tv’s(Mostly Wholesale prices) but you must be willing to get uncomfortable and do the research and due diligence needed.My personal advice for Sony smart tvs running android is,dont do the installation alone,dont move the product alone and preferably mount it even if it may cost extra,Sony tvs are kinda fragile,i learnt the hard way and had to absorb a 60K loss coz of my carelessness,dont use the TV on a stand if u can afford to mount it just mount it…Other than that,Those who have used sony android tv’s here know how much value it offers to your living room experience…The content never runs out,everything is about apps and internet…