Which Power Laptops are we using in 2018?


The price of the Thinkpad T480s and where we can get it at that price.

It’s just to prepare those of us who might be thinking of getting the same since I’m worried that it might be quite expensive since first you asked for recommendations, then complained about getting loans, followed by a new laptop, zuku and quite a few beers. :joy:.


Haha! I did not go for new. I got a factory refurbished laptop that has probably been used 3 months at the most. It sounded much better than what I’d have got at that price new.

Price was 75k from Zuri Digital Solutions, a downtown shop on 4th floor Information house, Opposite Afya Center. This was a connection by a friend, I came to learn later that they have an online shop, https://zurimall.store/


Thinkpad T480s is rated as one of the laptops with the best review even on laptop mag its considered a battery beast