Which Power Laptops are we using in 2018?


Mannnnn, i’ll have to disagree, macbooks are the best when it comes to design & build quality(the whole keyboard issue aside). And if need be you can just as easily configure a macbook to run windows and/or linux so i feel that isn’t reason enough for one to say that they wouldn’t buy a macbook.


The main issue is the price over what the Apple is offering. At that price you better off with a Zenbook pro, XPS, or SurfaceBook and you’ll have change. Lot’s of it. Better specs and better built quality.


People forget that Windows laptops/notebooks are not what they used to be like 5 years ago,from specs,software/hardware intergration and apps/services and hardware features/quality has really improved by leaps and bounds,not forgetting still at affordable prices…Macbooks are great devices but they got competition now and with Apple messing up with Keyboard issues and deploying irrelevant features like touchbar plus their ever expensive customer support services,they remain a niche product for hippies and rockstar developers…


X1 Carbon 2nd Gen, i7/8GB/258 Win 10 at 55k, is that a good deal?


Ex Uk, ex us Ex Japan look extremely different from laptops that kenyan students buy in shops or from laptops that are sold in Kenya. You can easily know if the laptop is kenyan…


It’s ugly.


Besides looks?


The specs are great, just wondering which generation is that i7 processor and is that 256GB SSD ama?


Processor is 4th gen, 256 SSD.


That’s blasphemy. ThinkPads have a timeless look.

It’s decently priced for those specs.

Downsides IMO are soldered on RAM and the lack of a space for a secondary drive.


Hapana hiyo chukua na 52k, 55k is abit extreme considering the much rare and very clean X1 Carbon i7/6200U/8GB/256SSD goes for 60k (hii kupata ni ngumu and if you do get it chukua haraka sana)

If your version has a touchbar iangalie vizuri make sure it works. Ex-Uk 4th gen X1 carbon touch bars had issues na sio safi. Lenovo had recalled that specific version at some point coz of that touch bar issue.

Wewe sasa hii ndio machine kama huna copy, very hard to break down ata iwe mzee aje bado huwa form unlike other laptops. Wachana na sura angalia engine na build.


I read a few reviews and decided I can’t take the Gen 2 touchbar because of the keyboard experience which will be the place I spend 100% of my computing time. It’s been given bad reviews and the other generations dropped touchbar.


I received a HP Spectre 13 from a project. Thing only has USB Type C. Soon I`ll have to buy dongles. Laptop so thin, seems it can easily break. Storage is 500GB SSD. No sign of a screw at the back.


The RAM on it is worth the dongle sacrifice.


i agree…that RAM is worth it


I wouldn’t mind the dongles either this laptop is a beast, hows are its GPU specs?


I`m no geek but hope this is what you asking for. I have never watched a 4k video, this was my first.


Double dongle???


You cant have “thin” and “beefy GPU” at the same time :joy:, HP Spectre is a productivity laptop


that GPU though,just don’t game with that Machine,it should work well for other more productive work though…