Which local (Kenyan) apps do you use on your mobile device?



This question is inspired by @kiruik’s similar query on Twitter.

So what do you guys use?


I use Tumapesa and Calc ya Mpesa.Very simple and efficient.


KCB Mobile Banking,
SpotCash Mobile banking


I always end up uninstalling most kenyan apps after realising I dont use them.Here are the most useful ones to me;
Mysafaricom - because I can check my bundle balance without safaricom sending me a message
M-ledger - Very useful in checking Mpesa transactions and transaction fee
KiliMall & Jumia - For online window shopping and checking the price range of products while waiting for black friday offers.


I use 254Comics…local comic book app& gaming apps Tumtafune + Bungoma Hangman


Someone called Blackbeard checking Black Friday offers. Is there a joke somewhere in there?


Interesting. This is the first time I am hearing about SpotCash mobile banking


Yeah…u need to belong to a SACCO to use it.


Yeah, I just hit that wall moments ago.


mySafaricom and Airtel Care apps…much fewer kenyan apps on ios than android :frowning:


I use Stash, Safaricom M-Ledger, TumaPesa


Standard Chartered Mobile Banking App
NIC Mobile Banking - I used to use this before. Very snappy. Interface is not good but the functionality is spot on. I loved it.

Used to use

Safaricom M-Ledger - I don’t use it anymore since it can’t read messages from Signal
MovieMax - This was a really good app but I realized I hate theatres so it became redundant after a while


The Safaricom team needs to find ways to sort this. Especially since they have a team to do it.

Or maybe you are just one user.


KCB Mobile Banking,


MySafaricom App


I use the KOPOKOPO mobile app which manages my LIPA na MPESA Buy Goods till. The app is handy especially when I need to move money to my bank account.


Only Banking App

I Can’t remember my favorite HD Kenyan Wallpaper App I used to have but it had too much Ads. I trashed it!


Kenyan wallpaper app? Sounds interesting but the ads already discouraged me from even looking for it.


Yeah. They are plenty of them out there. In case I access my old gmail I’ll be able find the apps easily


Mmmmh. Eazzy Banking app.