Which 4G really works?



Telkom 4G?
Safaricom 4G
Safaricom 4G+


@Bree Safaricom 4G seems to be working perfectly with me. The rest am not sure


Safaricom 4G. I don’t have a Telkom SIM yet and I haven’t been able to experience Safaricm 4G+ for some reason.


4G or 4G+? Who cares,the speed difference per application is almost negligible right now…


I’ll jump in to the 4G and 4G+ debates when the price becomes reasonable.


Cant comment on 4G+, but I’ve used both Telkom and Safaricom 4G , cant really compare them in terms of speed they both alryt., though coverage is still rather low on Telkom, but with a wealthy sponsor they are sure to work on that.
I have my eyes set on Airtel 4G launch juu tu ya their unlimited and the 3G net is good on my part. Lakini with the way Airtel has been slow in increasing both 2G n 3G coverage before am concerned that they’ll be slow to increase the 4G coverage too


I always find myself shifting between this 3 sim cards. Always fall back to Airtel & Telkom mostly because of data. Safaricom for calls & mpesa


I do the same here


Shall wait for Airtel 4G to come so I can make the most informed decision :slight_smile:


When connected to 4G mine only displays LTE, Is there such a thing as LTE+? How do you even know you are on 4G+. My device is a Sony Xperia Z3+


Follow the instructions on this post


That LTE app is not user friendly


4G is still at infancy in Kenya. But Safaricom is better because of better infrastructure. It’s impressive considering how many people it has to serve. I’m sure neither Orange nor Airtel can handle the numbers Safcom does but then again, they don’t have to. It’s an uphill task for them because of the many additional customers they’ll have because of undercutting Safaricom’s data prices. Hopefully they’ll find a way to scale up gracefully lest all their newly acquired data customers migrate back to Saf


Wireless bandwidth is a limited resource (not like fiber) so they must introduce some sort of cap to prevent misuse.


What you see on the status bar depends on your operating system. Though Safaricom has 4G+, it is the bare minimum which supports a data rate of 150Mbps. Most global operators today talk about 4G+ when they deploy LTE CAT 6 (300Mbps.) Maybe that’s what your phone will show as LTE+ or LTE-A or 4G+. Your speeds seem like you might be using 4G+, though.

Also, Safaricom is using 10 Megahertz of the available 20 Megahertz on both bands 3(1800Mhz) and 20(800Mhz) so theoretically they have as much bandwidth as all the other players combined. In short, it looks like Safaricom has been given 50% of all available bandwidth of the LTE spectrum. They’ll therefore be able to push more data but on the downside, they have more than 70% of the mobile subscribers in the country.