Where to Buy Xiaomi Accessories in Kenya (Cases )


Then I guess its problem solved guys. Those reluctant to buy Xiaomis cuz there is not service centre, here is the magic bullet.


Yup, this is an awesome move.

I hope it is an official Xiaomi service center just like Nokia service centers and not some 3rd party like Carlcare.


I realise this is a little bit dated, but Xiaomi have a shop that does just Xiaomi accessories. This would be behind Tuskys Imara in town (right next to the embasava mats. Get into that kachum that has the Tuskys offloading deck and on your right look for a squeezed staircase going up this is just a few meters past the offloading deck but on the opposite side. First floor go to the right and walk almost to the end and the shop is right there on your left. I won’t tell you that you can’t miss it coz i do all the time and am good with directions.


I am really interested in buying a sturdy case and screen protector for the pocophone f1 i am gonna buy in November 1st once xiaomi unveil it


Thank you, will pass by the place when I am in Nairobi


It’s the second floor, most complex directions I have had to follow.


I expected him to give the coordinates or Pin the location. Tried to follow the directions on Google Street view

There’s also an online firm dealing with Xiaomi products at


They have excellence service. Open at 8.30am. Screen protectors and cases all go for 300. Mi band 2500. Router 4000. Earphones 800. All these being massive bargains from The Official Xiaomi Store at BiHI towers where protectors and cases go for 1000 a piece.


I think it is important to mention that they own the online store http://www.mi-store.co.ke/ so if you are in Nairobi you can save on transportation costs.