What social networks are you active on?




will check that out for sure


Talking of which, this whole Cambridge Analytica n Facebook issue has made me think so hard about the data am sharing on social networks. Companies be using your personal data to ‘control’ you by studying your psychology., ts kind of creepy


:joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: I still don’t blv someone can control me and learn my behaviors according to my social media posts the me on Twitter is far off me in real world


hehe, well at least on Twitter one can be a bit creative but I can’t say the same about Facebook where you’ve got all your current n past friends, acquaintances, family that you share with. Someone now exploits those connections n patterns


They aggregate that data. Twitter alone isn’t enough.

Jumia/Kilimall collects your shopping habits.

Google collects… everything.

Facebook knows who is having a baby and is related to you.

8 months later you start seeing ads for baby cribs, pampers, baby fashion etc.

There are many ways they can use your patterns to hook you into something.


Sijigambi but Online me & real me is something you can’t relate!


hahah :joy::joy::joy:


I also didn’t get it at first but now I take it as gospel truth that Reddit is the front page of the internet. It took a good few years before I started paying attention but stuff really does surface on reddit first before it gets into more mainstream channels coz if you think you are a {Whatever topic} nerd, there are niggas on {Whatever topic} God mode on there.


How to Reddit (For Beginners)

Watch this awesome video first: What is reddit? - YouTube

What is…?

Reddit: Reddit in essence is a Forum, what makes it special is its scale in that it has a lot more content and users compared to other forums. Content on reddit is presented in the form of pictures, videos, links to articles and self-posts(writing stuff and posting it as the first “comment” in a topic). Another interesting thing about reddit is that everyone is Anonymous in the sense that the no personal details are required during sign up, whether or not to reveal your ‘real identity’ is upto to you. You can also use reddit without signing up but you are limited to only viewing posts and comments and nothing more.

Subreddit: Reddit has these “spaces” or “subforums” called Subs or Subreddits(denoted by r/ ) that are focused on a certain type of content eg r/android is focused on Android news, reviews, tips, and discussions about stuff such as rooting and tutorials. OTOH a Sub such as r /piracy is a space dedicated to the discussion of digital piracy. You should note there is a one special “sub” called r /all, this isn’t exactly a sub, it can best be described as reddit’s homepage, it shows the top and trending posts from the various subreddits. **The act of following a certain sub is called ’Subscribing’.

Upvote: This is the equivalent of hitting the like button on Facebook, it is denoted by an arrow pointing upwards. Both posts and comments can be upvoted. If you really like a post or a comment you can Guild/give it gold it which is the action of giving “reddit gold” to the user who made the comment or post in question. Reddit gold is denoted by a “gold coin”, to guild a comment or post with it you have to purchase it from reddit for kidu $3.

Downvote: This is the equivalent of hitting the dislike button on Facebook, it is denoted by an arrow pointing downwards.

PM: Private Message; directly message another user.

Redditor: A person who uses reddit; can post and/ or comment, denoted by u/. Eg kwa reddit hutasema @saruni instead utasema u/ saruni when referring to a fellow Redditor . You can tap on a redditors handle to see stuff such as the date they joined reddit and their post/ comment history or to PM them.

Mod: A person who is in charge of making sure that redditors follow the rules of a Sub when they post and/or comment.


To get the best out of reddit I recommend using the following apps:

  1. Boost for reddit - Apps on Google Play-My fave
  2. Sync for reddit-My second fave
    Note: To get the best out of Boost and Sync you have to upgrade to the paid version. You can get a safe crack of both apps on a site such as Mobilism but if you can afford it please buy the apps and support the devs, with Mpesa Xpress, purchasing apps on the play store is as easy as it gets.


  1. Reddit Official: Trending News on the App Store-Hapa nimerecommend default coz huwa situmii iOS.


  1. Reddit Enhancement Suite This is not and app but a feature-rich chrome extension that enhances the reddit experience on desktop. It’s also available on browsers such as Firefox.

How to use Reddit

Hehe, hapa nimeshindwa kuexplain. What I’ll do instead is recommend subs that you guys might find interesting. Check them out, tap on posts that you find interesting, read the comments, you can comment if you’ve already signed up and favorite/save the posts you like so you can view them later.
Here goes:

  1. r/ android: Android stuff
  2. r/ ps4: Ps4 stuff
  3. r/ television: TV Shows stuff
  4. r/ movies: Movies stuff
  5. r/ Kenya: Kenyan stuff
  6. r/ piracy: Piracy stuff
  7. r/ pcmasterrace: PC gaming stuff
  8. r/ soccer: watu wa epl aye!!!
  9. r/apple: watu wa iPhones, iPads na Macs hamjawachwa nyuma
  10. r/gaming: Gaming stuff
  11. r/battlestations: PC / Console set-up za wasee, hukuwa kali sana.

Kuko na so many subs that siwezi list zote eg kuko na a whole sub dedicated to guys just posting screenshots of how they’ve set up their home screens r/ androidthemes, kuko na whole sub dedicated to guys posting pictures of cats standing up :lol: and so on and so forth…
So if you want a sub for a specific thing uliza na ntakushow ni gani


  1. To discover more subs, make sure you frequent r/ all to see top and trending posts from all subs(esp subs like r/ askreddit, r/ pics, r/ programmerhumor, r/ worldnews, r/ comics etc ). I forgot to mention that by default mtu huland kwa front-page which shows the top and trending posts from subs that you are subscribed to, r/ all otoh hushow posts from both subs umesub na hujasub.
  2. Guys on reddit tend to use a lot of abbreviations the most common ones being: YMMV(Your Mileage May Vary), OTOH(On The Other Hand), TL;DR(Too Long; Didn’t Read), TIFU(Today I F**kd Up) na zingine mingi,utazilearn with time.
  3. It may take a while for you to “get ” reddit so give it time.

Kufunga chapter, Reddit is a lot more than a site where guys go to blow their time looking at pics of cute cats or reading stories of how someone pretended not to know what a potato is(hilarity ensued), it is a resource you can use to learn so so much, reddit has helped me a ton esp when it came to equipping myself with the tools I needed to land a gig in my area of interest.
I’m not great at explaining things but I hope that I have convinced one or two guys to give reddit reddit a go and for guys wenye hawakuwa hooked the first time mtakuwa na a better idea of how stuff works on reddit this time round.


ndo hio nimeangusha


I would kindly ask you to copy paste it on a new thread so that we can build a discussion there


Yes, i second this, reddit should have its own thread.


This weekend i signed up on Reddit and tried to get accustomed to it but i couldn’t, to me its like another Google Plus, a majority of posts are about memes and topics only relevant to people from the US. I tried loading topics relevant to my location and i got hit by this disclaimer , ‘Reddit Local is not abailable in your Area…’ thereby redirecting me back to global smh


Which subreddits did you check out?


That was the problem, i hadn’t subscribed to any subreddit hence the random meme posts. Just subscribed to your suggestions and i’m already visiting the app like twice a day


I really doubt this works for everyone. Millenials are absurd as a bunch and they are the most on social media. In my example, I randomly check out stuff in tech and even if Jumia sent someone to my door with one of the laptops or phones I keep checking I wouldn’t buy it. I am overly satirical on facebook, I tweet like a god and I am a different person from my posts. Like Pascal says, it would be difficult to control some people from their social media data. Those are the ones that should remain on Facebook :slight_smile: