What social networks are you active on?


Haha… I have noticed this as well. It’s like these people take the forums as part of work…


Everytime I install Reddit I end up uninstalling it after some time :joy:. It’s interesting but… I feel like there’s something lacking.


Office WiFi visitors, on desktop.


I had tried to get into Reddit a few times before but couldn’t figure it out. Decided to give it a shot again 2 years ago after I got internet at home and I have been hooked since then.

Reddit is like a mega RSS feed except all content is submitted by users and they upvote the funniest and/or most insightful content. Upvotes increase the rank of a post consequently increasing its visibility on your homepage.

There is a subreddit (A mini forum just like Techweez) for almost anything you can think of. Just subscribe to the ones you are interested in and your homepage will have the top posts from those subreddits only.

The content on your homepage also changes relatively fast so there is always something new to see.

Most of the viral worldwide memes you see on Twitter get popular on Reddit first. It is an amazing place to hang out.

They are also redesigning the entire site to improve the onboarding process for new users.

Nobody uses the official Reddit App. :joy:

Try 3rd party ones. I personally use Boost for Reddit on the go. Most of my Redditing is done on PC though.

Reddit ikona all types of content. Any major news in tech, business, world politics etc will be there a few minutes after it happens.

I am a big fan of r/Android and r/soccer. I have 150+ subreddits (mini forums) I follow.


Just created an account on Reddit. Seems they kept a record of my previous visits. I got suggestions based on what i had previously read on the site. Let me try it.


@trey ebu preach, I discovered reddit a couple of years ago na siku hizi huwa nashangaa what I used do on my phone before reddit :sweat_smile: I usually spend atleast 3-4Hrs on reddit everyday, not sure if I should be proud or worried about that. The awesome thing about reddit is that it’s kinda like the best of every site and social network all wrapped into one. Then the way the content is curated is on point na the discussions that guys have are really interesting, sidhani kuko siku huisha bila mimi kulearn kitu mpya au kupata fresh perspective kuhusu kitu. YOU SHOULD ALL JOIN REDDIT ASAP


Well for those of you that know me or read my contributions on other threads ya’ll know that i organize my apps into folders. Below is a screenshot of my social media folder on my phone. Notice Techweez Forums is among them. And no it’s not an app but rather a homescreen bookmark from Chrome.


techweez forum… has an app? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


The ‘Nobody on the internet reads’ statement has been proven, ladies and gentlemen. :sweat_smile:


hahah :joy::joy::joy: I was busy doing something else I just looked at the image smh… ndio nimeona sio app :laughing:


Haha True!


Active on? Well, that is going to be Facebook, Twitter and IG for me. These are the basics though - and active, in this case, means intermittent checks since I hardly post on Fb for obvious reasons (yeah we like spectating now), nor do tweet a lot (that space is for discovering news items for my case) because that’s a hobby for the ‘cool’ kids who grossly overestimate their worth. IG is there for consumption of crisp pics [ha, IG compression, I kid] from mobile OEMs and the occasional misplaced, fake-deep, plagiarized quotes for our confused sisters in constant need of attention and online validation.
Reddit is occasional.


Technically it’s a web app even as you embed it that way. It doesn’t load the traditional way on a browser as you may have noticed. If you embed it on home screen, what loads is separate from your browser tabs.


Twitter, YouTube, Techweez Forums, WhatsApp, Telegram, in that order., Reddit nimeanza kuskia juzi will try


mimi nimeskia for long but I don’t like how it looks :joy:


Maybe we need to have tutorials za Reddit


Exactly maybe it can be of interest alafu nijoin


Nimeingia Reddit nikakua confused nikalog out. Lemme wait for those tutorials :joy:


Hahah… This is so me :rofl:


Tutorial nitachonga Sato(24th) niwawekee hapa.