What options are there for direct Paypal Withdraw to Bank or Card?


Is it though?

The deposit to PayPal option looks very expensive. I know I wouldn’t touch it even with a 10-foot pole.

What rates do you get on your prepaid cards to warranty a switch to MPESA?


I think @deewinc anasemea ile kuwithdraw pesa from paypal urgently… unajua hii biz kulipwa through paypal and you have to wait 3 days ifike account inachosha :joy::joy:. Some people have been charging as high as 7% for instant withdrawals… Mpesa will be a savior to such users… including me occasionally :grin::grin:


Aren’t prepaid cards being used for paying for goods via PayPal and not withdrawing?

I think you are talking about a different service.


what does epayswift and other vendors use to credit guys with instant cash from paypal?? am not sure, I think ni hizo prepaid cards anasemea.


That is a different service. Prepaid cards ni kama debit card but it is not linked to a bank account. You load the card with cash when you intend to use it.

You can link it to your PayPal account and use it to pay for goods just like you would do with a debit card.


ooh, like Nakumatt global card? can mpesa replace that?


It can (MPESA to PayPal service) but certain PayPal payments require a linked card.