What next after 0749 Prefix?


So basically all these prefixes have been used up by operators
070* - Safaricom
071* - Safaricom
072* - Safaricom
073* - Airtel
074* - Safaricom
075* - Yu Mobile (now in Airtel)
076* - Equitel
077* - Telkom
078* - Airtel
079* - Safaricom

And according to the CA’s statistics mobile subscriptions are still rising. Are we about to start using 11 digit mobile numbers once these prefixes are fully utilized?


This would make a good article.


11 digits kama Nigeria


Wow! Our numbers are 10 digits? I have never thought about counting them! Mimi as long as when a person gives me their contact I have my phone handy it wouldn’t matter how many digits it has. At that time the most important thing to me is whether my phone is online so that Google can back it up to the cloud. I’m curious, how many phone numbers can you recall?