What is your best music player app


I used to have a Lenovo with Dolby ATMOS. I love it and its recommendable


MX player pro is geared towards video playback. There’s not much you can do to improve sound quality. That’s why it doesn’t make the list of best music player apps.

I liked Dolby Atmos quality but it’s customization options are very limited hence I jumped ship to Viper4Android which is easier to install on most phones and a lot more customizable.


Anyone using Groove Music on Android? I’m using it on Lumia 640 XL and the app is just awesome and from what I’ve heard Microsoft’s apps on Android and iOS are awesome, now that they’re abandoning W10M


The app does not support playing local files. It is for their streaming service only (which is set to end on Dec 31st)


Where did you buy these?


I bought them at Kenya Cinema Plaza. 5th floor, room number 5c


Groove music for android was terrible,i reverted to Google Play Music and the default music apps on my phone,but Google play music has improved drastically until i literary use it all the time.


You can confirm they are genuine?


Yes. They are totally legit. I actually postponed buying a new pair of earphones because these do the job very well. Their value for money is quite good.


142146tvmw0kvwp6v4kx3i infinix has just introduced the quiet x headphones though you can only get them via xclub by redeeming xgold points @sarunibm give ua a review if you manage to get a pair


I have had a pair for about a month now but I can’t post my review until they go on sale, which Infinix says they’ll confirm.


Do you remember the age of Sony Ericsson Walkman phones? Those things had unbelievable sound quality. I remember the w850 which would give any phone existing today a run for its money. I still don’t believe how well the Sony Ericsson sounded and its earphones were not even the in-ear type.


Its called #Xplayer 3d. Already has more than a million downloads. Xtreeme power control turns those standard ear/headphones to supreeme ones.